The Macao SAR government, in compliance with its policy objectives, will continue to support the development of the convention and exhibition industry (C&E industry), which has seen rapid growth, and will use innovating methods to cultivate this industry. Guided by the policy of “priority to conventions”, the government will strive to encourage more professional and international brand conventions and exhibitions to be held in Macao to accelerate the growth of the C&E industry. It will also motivate organisers of conventions and exhibitions to take guided tours of the neighbourhoods, inspiring high-end visiting merchants participating in the events to purchase goods locally, and then the comprehensive development of the connected industries and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) will be triggered. Since the beginning of 2017, there have been a number of overseas international conventions held in the city. This is attributed to not only the strengths of Macao’s complete set of software and hardware that support conventions and exhibitions but also Macao’s unique attractions. Such factors could motivate them to hold conventions again here.

As “ICM AG – Electronics & Cars Recycling WRF 2017” and “CASBAA Convention 2017” concluded in Macao in November, the people in charge of both of these conventions were completely satisfied with the software and hardware facilities that support conventions in Macao, and believe that the city full of vitality, which makes it a very suitable place to hold conventions. Meanwhile, they think that the title “Creative City and City of Gastronomy” will become a highlight on the “name-card” which promotes Macao. So far, feasibility studies about the negotiation with the participants on hosting events in Macao again next year, have already begun.

The Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute (IPIM), as the only entity that is responsible for comprehensively advancing the development of Macao’s C&E industry, has been augmenting Macao’s C&E industry in both quality and quantity through diverse channels, so as to facilitate Macao’s moderately diversified economic development. In November, IPIM provided support to the successful completion of “CASBAA Convention 2017” and “ICM AG – Electronics & Cars Recycling WRF 2017” in Macao, through the “International Meeting and Trade Fair Support Programme” and “Convention and Exhibition Stimulation Programme”, respectively.

Christopher Slaughter, person in charge of “CASBAA Convention 2017”, stated, “CASBAA Convention is a convention elated to cable and satellite television technology. The event has been held once in many cities in the past. Since Macao was selected as the host city Slaughter said, I have a very good impression of Macao. Thus I hosted another “CASBAA Convention 2017” in Macao this year.” He pointed out that since the hotels and hardware facilities for conventions in Macao are good, services are flexible and there are diverse options for dining and entertainment, all the activities during the convention period could take place in a concentrated area. The participants are also able to remain focused on the conventions. Meanwhile, once the activities ended, many participants took the initiative to walk to various featured tourist attractions in Macao, experiencing the unique history, culture and cuisines around the city.

He said that although Macao’s C&E industry is in the development phase, the way it is being developed is viewed positively. There are a sufficient amount of hotel rooms, and many options for eating in terms of cuisines, as well as a diverse array of entertainment programmes. Thus Macao is a very suitable destination for holding conventions. In addition, the participants are able to explore different cultural tourist attractions after the conventions. As such not only can it upgrade the attractiveness of Macao’s “name-card”, but also it can illustrate the knock-on effect brought about by the C&E industry, and boost the development of the related industries.

Once the Hong Kong – Zhuhai – Macao Bridge is open to traffic, Slaughter believes that it will be a tremendous asset in terms of Macao’s C&E industry. At that time, not only will participants be able to choose whether to come to Macao by air, they may also choose to reach Macao using land or sea routes, which will be a great convenience in transportation for the participants.

Jeanette Duttlinger, person in charge of ICM AG, stated that Electronics & Cars Recycling WRF 2017 was an international convention concerning environmental protection, of which the participants were professionals from all over the world. In the past, Shanghai and Hong Kong used to be chosen to hold such an event. Since Macao was selected last year, they decided to hold the event in Macao again this year, thanks to the excellent results and support from the SAR government. In the course of planning the convention, it was found that Macao, a “Las Vegas in the East”, is prosperous in appearance and rich in cultural heritage.

After arriving in Macao, it was found that Macao has the great variety of leisure activities and unique attractions that a city should possess. Meanwhile, the personnel in the service industries in Macao are professional, friendly and helpful. Thus, visitors were made to feel as if they were at home. In addition, the “One-stop Service” for conventions as provided IPIM also allows the event to run smoothly. Therefore, Duttlinger said, “Macao is such an exciting and professional city! We shall highly recommend Macao!”

Duttlinger added that once the convention had ended, participants were taken to visit the local neighbourhoods, and enjoyed themselves taking in the local landscape Additionally, given that Macao was considered as the “Creative City and City of Gastronomy” by the UNESCO in November, she took this opportunity to try the local featured foods.

In 2018, there will be a number of large conventions held in the city throughout the year, covering industries such as cosmetics, health food products, and electronic products.

Various overseas conventions were successfully held in Macao in November (Click to open)

Various overseas conventions were successfully held in Macao in November