The “Macao Franchise Expo 2019” (2019MFE) will be held from July 26 to 28, under the theme of “Brand Expansion Continues, Business Opportunities to be Seized”, offering both old and new line-ups of activities and exhibition areas. Thanks to the great effects achieved last year, many enterprises will continue their participation in this year’s event, expanding the area of their booths. Enterprises that have signed agreements during the MFE and opened branch stores in Macao acknowledge the positive role of the MFE platform for individuals with intentions to start or expand businesses.

The MFE was certified in 2018 by the Union of International Fairs (UFI), becoming the first franchise expo in Greater China to receive this honor.  Mr. Fong, head of a local enterprise engaged in the wholesale of dried tangerines as raw materials and food R&D and manufacturing, said he participated in last year’s MFE for the first time and exchanged with a couple of buyers and restaurant owners in search of business opportunities during and after the event. The outcomes of the MFE were positive, he noted, considering that his enterprise has become the supplier of dried tangerines for some food companies and its products are now for sale in Macao’s supermarkets. He plans to participate in this year’s MFE and double the number of booths. He considers the MFE an international platform, by virtue of which business can be expanded both nationwide and worldwide. He also spoke highly of its business matching service saying it helps companies find partners for negotiations and search for more business opportunities.

Over the past decade, more than 160 agreements have been signed during the MFE, over 80% of which have been implemented. A local catering company, after signing a sales agency agreement with a Guangzhou catering company, has opened two tea and drinks shops in Macao. Mr. Hoi, head of the business, said the project is in steady progress. With respect to management, he noted that companies should strive to improve or develop new products to attract consumers, in light of the increasingly fierce competition facing the local catering industry. He said the MFE could introduce more brands to enterprises, investors and on-site visitors, acknowledging the positive role of the event for individuals with intentions to start or expand businesses. Despite the effectiveness of franchising as one of the channels of entrepreneurship, he reminded business starters of the importance of understanding the overall conditions of the market, especially the total cost such as the rental of Macao shops and salaries for employees and their own competitiveness, before making a decision on franchising, so as to ensure a high chance of success after entry into the market.

In addition to the “Gourmet Avenue”, the “Branding Consultation Pavilion”, the “Portuguese-Speaking Countries Pavilions” and the “New Retail and Business Support Zone”, a “Special Brands Area” (including the “Guangdong Time-Honored Brands Zone” and the “Macao Local Brands Zone”) will also be available during the 2019MFE. Mr. Chan, head of a local catering company, said his company would participate in the MFE for a third time to set up a booth in the “Gourmet Avenue”, adding that its participation over the last two years has improved its image and reputation and helped him find partners to carry out promotional activities or projects as well. He expects this year’s MFE will increase the “soft power” of his company worldwide.

The 2019MFE will continue to be held concurrently with the “Guangdong and Macao Branded Products Fair 2019” (2019GMBPF) and offer free admissions. Please visit the Online Business Matching Service Platform of the Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute ( for cooperation projects and business matching intentions. For more information about the 2019MFE, please visit our official website, or contact us at Tel: 853-8294 6885 or E-mail:, or follow “MFEMacau” on WeChat.

The MFE serves as a pluralistic service platform for enterprises. (Click to open)

The MFE serves as a pluralistic service platform for enterprises.

Enterprises speak highly of the business matching service of the MFE. (Click to open)

Enterprises speak highly of the business matching service of the MFE.