The Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Economic and Trade Information 2017

Area 236 thousand and 700 square kilometres
Population 55 million 790 thousand people (according to a sample survey of 2016 population changes)
Cities in the Region(Prefecture level city) Nanning, Liuzhou, Guilin, Wuzhou, Beihai, Fangchenggang, Qinzhou, Guigang, Yulin, white, Hezhou, Hechi, visitors, Chongzuo
Gross Domestic Product 1 trillion and 831 billion 764 million yuan
Major Industries The food industry, the automobile industry, the non-ferrous metal industry, the metallurgical industry, the machinery industry, the building material industry, paper making and wood processing, the electronic information industry, the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, the biological industry, the textile and clothing and the leather industry, etc.
foreign Direct Investment 888 million dollars
Main Export Products Food, electronic products, cotton textile processing products, light industrial products
Main Iimport Products Agricultural products, mechanical and electrical products, mineral products
Export Value of Goods and Services 152 billion 383 million yuan
Import Value of Goods and Services 164 billion 659 million yuan
Number of Passengers Number of inbound passengers: 4 million 825 thousand and 200 person times

Number of domestic passengers: 404 million 190 thousand person times

Economic and trade and investment situation between Guangxi and Macao

By 2017, Macao had a total of 341 investment enterprises in Guangxi, with a contractual foreign investment of us $591 million and an actual foreign investment of 387 million US dollar. Macao’s investment in Guangxi mainly involves manufacturing, accommodation, catering, real estate and so on.

Economic and trade and investment situation between Guangxi and Portuguese speaking countries

From January to November 2017, the total import and export volume of Guangxi and Portuguese-speaking countries added up to 198.55 billion yuan. In 2017, Guangxi approved one investment project of East Timor in Portuguese-speaking countries.

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