Brief Introduction of Gansu Province-Economic Profile of 2017

Area 453700 Sq. Km
Population 26.25 million people
Administrative Division 12 Municipalities,2 Autonomous prefecture
GDP 767.7 billion Yuan
Staple industry Heavy industry,Animal husbandry
Total imports and exports 25.65 billion Yuan (From January to October)
Tourist number 239 million


Trade and investment profiles with Macao

In 2017, the total value of the import and export trade between Gansu and Macao was 140 million yuan, fell 47.2% from the previous year.The total value of exports was 140 million yuan, up 47.2% year on year.By December 2017, Macao had set up 18 foreign-invested enterprises in Gansu province with a total investment of $34.2783 million, $21,233 million of contractual foreign investment and $4.29 million of actual foreign investment.


Trade and investment profiles with Portuguese-speaking countries

Till the December of 2017, Gansu international economic and technological corporation of China established gansu hualong mozambique co.,LTD in Mozambique with a total investment of $188,400 in October 1993.