Brief Introduction of Qinghai Province-Economic Profile of 2017

Area 72.10 Sq. Km
Population 5.62 million people
Administrative Division 2 Municipalities,6 Autonomous prefecture
GDP 264.280 billion Yuan
Staple industry Electricity, oil and gas, salt chemical industry, nonferrous metals
Total imports and exports 4.44 billion Yuan
Tourist number 34.841 million


Trade and investment profiles with Macao

As of the end of December 2017, Macao has established of 5 sino-foreign joint ventures in Qinghai province, and the cumulative contract is $1719.31.


Trade and investment profiles with Portuguese-speaking countries

By the beginning of April 2018, Qinghai province had registered one overseas investment enterprise, Qinghai ruili investment co., LTD., which investment of $15 million and was established in Macao.