Economic Data of Anhui Province in 2017

Area Land Area:139400 sq. km(update to 2016)
Population 61.4361 million (update to 2016)
Main Districts Hefei、Wuhu、Bengbu、Huainan、Ma’an’shan、Huaibei、Tongling、Anqing、 Huangshan、Chuzhou、 Fuyang、Suzhou、Liu’an、Bozhou、Chizhou、 Xuancheng
GDP RMB 2751.867 billion (data of 2017)
Main Industry Automobile, Pharmaceutical, Agricultural
FDI USD 15.9 billion (data of 2017)
Main Export Commodities electromechanical products, High-tech, clothing and clothing accessories, furniture and parts, automobile and parts
Main Import Commodities electromechanical products, agricultural products, liquor, iron ore, automobile parts
Export Amount of Goods and Service USD 188.64 billion (data of 2017)
Import Amount of Goods and Service USD 138.06 billion (data of 2017)
Number of Visitors Entering into the Country:631 million(data of 2017)
National Visitors:626 million (data of 2017)

Economic Data with Macao

In 2016, Anhui has invested USD 42.06 million in Macao

As of February 2017, Anhui Province has accumulatively approved the establishment of 82 Macao investment companies and actually absorbed Macao’s direct investment of USD 480 million;

As of the end of 2016, Anhui Province established a foreign company in Macao with an agreement for foreign investment of USD 3.62 million and actual foreign investment of USD 0.7 million.

Economic Data with Portuguese speaking countries

January to June,2016, the total Export-Import Volume between Anhui and Portuguese speaking countries was USD 395 million

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