Economic Data of Jiangsu Province in 2017

Area Land Area:102,600 sq. km
Plain area:70,600 sq. km
Water area:17,300 sq. km
Population 79,763 million (update to 2017)
Main City Name Nanjing、Wuxi、Suzhou、Changhzou、Nantong、Lianyungang、Huai’an、Yancheng、Yanghzou、Zhenjiang、Taizhou、Suqian、Xuzhou
GDP RMB 8590.09 billion Yuan (data of 2017)
Main Industry Automobile, medicine, professional equipment, Electrical machinery and equipment, professional machinery, computer, Electronic communication equipment
FDI USD 251.4 billion (data of 2017)
Main Export Commodities electromechanical products, Fabric and products, clothing and clothing accessories, furniture and parts, automobile parts, shipping
Main Import Commodities Iron ore and iron washed ore, Plastic in primary form, abandoned copper, Non-forged copper and steel, Terephthalic acid
Export Amount of Goods and Service USD 328.79 billion (01/2017-11/2017)
Import Amount of Goods and Service USD 207.03 billion(01/2016-11/2017)
Number of Visitors Entering into the Country:747million(data of 2017)
Total Visitors:1.16trillion

Economic Data with Macao

In 2016, the total Export-Import Volume between Jiangsu and Macao was USD 110 million
In 2016, Jiangsu has invested USD 2.74 million in Macao and Macao realized USD 108 million investment in Jiangsu.
Main Export Commodities to Macao: Scrap metal, machinery, mechanical appliances, electrical equipment and parts; vehicles, aircraft, ships and related transport equipment
Main Import Commodities from Macao: Optical, photographic, film, metrology, inspection, medical or surgical instruments and equipment

Economic Data with Portuguese speaking countries

January to August,2016, the total Export-Import Volume between Jiangsu and Portuguese speaking countries was USD 575 million.
By the end of August,2016,Jiangsu has invested USD 654 million in the Portuguese speaking countries and the Portuguese speaking countries realized USD 359 million investment in Jiangsu.

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