Economic Data of Heilongjiang Province (2015)

Area 454,800
Population 38.35 million(2013 data)
Main City Name Harbin, Qiqihaer, Hegang, Shuangyashan, Jixi, Daqing, Yichun, Mudanjiang, Jiamusi, Qitaihe, Heihe, Suihua, Daxinganling
GDP 879.09billion,Growth of 5.5%(1-10 month)
Main Industry Animal husbandry and fishery, Green food, machinery , Petrochemical, Energy, Food industry
FDI 4.32 billion, Growth of 0.9%(1-10 month)
Main Export Commodities Fresh food, Water seafood, Processed food, Textile, Leather products, Wood products and Paper, Minerals, Cement, Steel, Mechanical and Electrical products, High-tech products, Refined oil
Main Import Commodities Fresh food, Mineral products, Paper, Crude oil, Plastic products
Export Amount of Goods 7.08 billion, Growth of 4.0%(1-10 month)
Import Amount of Goods 17.73 billion(1-10 month)
Number of Visitors Domestic and foreign tourists: 291.57 million, A 14.9% increase from the previous year.(2013 data)

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Economic Data of Harbin City (2015)

Area 53,
Population 9.614 million
Main City Name Daoli, Nangang, Daowai, Pingfang, Songbei, Xiangfang, Hulan, Acheng, Yilan, Fangzheng, Bin, Bayan, Mulan, Tonghe, Yanshou, Shuangcheng,  Shangzhi, Wuchang
GDP 575.12 billion,Growth of 7.1%
Main Industry Equipment manufacturing , Pharmaceutical, Food, petrochemical, Forestry, Processing of agricultural products
FDI 2.994 billion ,Growth of 10.0%
Main Export Commodities Mechanical and Electrical products, Pharmaceuticals, Agricultural products
Main Import Commodities Mechanical and electrical products
Export Amount of Goods 2.36 billion
Import Amount of Goods 2.42 billion
Number of Visitors Domestic and foreign tourists: 65.172million, A 8.4% increase from the previous year Entering into the Country: 64.962 million, Growth of 8.5%; Entering into the Country: 211000, Growth of 2.4%.Tourism revenue: 90.8 billion, Growth of 15.4%. Domestic tourism income : 90.09 billion, Growth of 15.4%; International tourism exchange: 114.207million.

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