Economic Data of Jilin Province (2015)

Area 187,400 sq. km
Population 27.533 million
Main City Name Changchun, Jilin, SiPing, guodong, TongHua, Baishan, SongYuan in yanbian Korean autonomous county alleviated
GDP 1427.411 billion, Growth of6.5%
Main Industry Automobile, Petroleum chemical, Food Information , Medicine metallurgy Building material, Equipment Manufacturing, Forestry
FDI 2.127 billion, Growth of 8.2%
Main Export Commodities Grain and grain powder, Clothing and Clothing accessories, Cars, and auto chassis, Ferrous alloys, Textile yarns, Fabric and Products, Steel, lysine, New inflatable rubber tires, Furniture and their parts, Shoes
Main Import Commodities Auto parts, Automobile and automobile chassis, Metal processing machine tools, Warrants, Measuring instrument and apparatus, Piston internal combustion engine parts, Steel, Mould and metal casting use type box, GeKuangSha, Rubber or plastics processing
Export Amount of Goods 4.654 billion
Import Amount of Goods 14.284billion
Number of Visitors Domestic and foreign tourists: 141.3 million, Growth of 16.4%, National Visitors: 139.828 million, Growth of 16.5%; Entering into the Country: 1.48 million, Growth of7.6%, Foreigners: 1.29 million; Hong Kong and Taiwan compatriots: 189000.

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Economic Data of Changchun City (2015)

Area 20,565 sq. km
Population 7.545million (2014 data)
Main City Name Nanguan ,KUancheng, Chaoyang, Erdao, Lvyuan, Shuangyang, Nongan, Jiutai, Yushu, Dehui
GDP 359.38billion (1-9 months)
Main Industry Car manufacturing, Agricultural and sideline food processing , Biological and pharmaceutical, Electronic information, and building materials , Energy
FDI 4.27billion
Main Export Commodities Automobile and automobile chassis, Textile and clothing, Fresh food
Main Import Commodities Auto parts
Export Amount of Goods 9.34 billion
Import Amount of Goods 1.49 billion

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