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In order to help you search for suitable partners and investment projects, Investment and Co-operation Corner provides a free of charge business matching service through the Business Matching Session and Trade Opportunities. If you are interested in the following projects or intend to post your investment and co-operation projects, you are welcome to fill in the Investment and Co-operation Corner Form and fax to Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute. The investment and co-operation projects will be placed on the online Business Matching Engine.

Guangzhou Sister Zhong Food Product Co. Ltd.
Message: Provide Food Product Souvenirs
Brief Outline: Guangzhou Sister Zhong Food Product Co. Ltd. was founded in 2014, mainly giving “online consumption, offline experience, online communication, offline interaction” O2O mode for “Sister Zhong Souvenirs” and other food products. The flagship products are Sister Zhong almond nougat and pineapple cookies, which use Taiwan handmade crafts; imported nuts from North America, high-quality milk powder from New Zealand and imported trehalose. Our products are low in sugar and have no preservatives, creating guilt-free sweets and healthy pastries.
Form of co-operation: Looking for Agents or Clients
Origin: Guangdong, China

Wuchang Lixin Specialised Famers Planting and Breeding Co-operative
Message: Provides Rice Products
Brief Outline: Wuchang Lixin Specialised Famers Planting and Breeding Co-operative was established in 2009 and located at Minle Town, Wuchang City. The co-operative has 78 members now. The unique geographic advantages and ample sunshine in summer makes Wuchang City a good place for agriculture. Minle Town is the best quality rice producing area in Wuchang City, rice products from this area well deserve to be called “Royal Grain”.
Form of co-operation: Looking for Agents or Clients
Origin: Heilongjiang, China

Blue Sea Arts Ltd.
Message: Egrets walk and learn “A plan”
Brief Outline: Egrets walk and learn “A plan” is a 5 minute promotional animation. It aims to promote 1,000 cultural towns in Mainland China. An Overhaul and the improvement of the egrets’ image will add value to our project. Now we are looking for partners and sponsors.
Form of co-operation: Looking for investors
Origin: Macau

Wayfong Food Commercial Co. Ltd.
Message: Franchise of Wayfong Floss Food Product Shop
Brief Outline: Wayfong Food was founded in 1966, mainly manufacturing floss, dried meat, fried pork crisps and also providing a variety of by-products, such as dried pork slices, dried pork cubes, beef jerky, swordfish floss, and ham to name a few. We have consistently adhered to the quality of fresh meat, and use traditional technology for production. Our floss is not dyed, without any added preservatives and artificial colouring. Wayfong won the gold medal of the fine specialty food products in Taiwan. We adhere to the “Quality Commitment” and stick to providing a “Health First” and “Customer Satisfaction” service.
Form of co-operation: Looking for Franchisee
Origin: Taiwan

Shenzhen Jinluohu Commercial City Co. Ltd.
Message: Leasing for Food Market at Luohu Commercial City
Brief Outline: Luohu Commercial City is located next to the China’s largest port – Luohu port. Commercial City is almost fully rented (about 98%), to more than 1,500 enterprises, the area has a resident population of 2,500 or more, average people flow is 5,000 to 7,000. We are developing the second floor of Shenzhen Luohu Commercial City, aimed at re-integration and building up a food market and are now recruiting Hong Kong, Macao and the Pearl River food-related industries rent space.
Form of co-operation: Looking for Tenants
Origin: Shenzhen, China

Asia Industry Trading
Message: Gold Mine for Sale in Brazil
Brief Outline: A 1,600 hectare (3,953 acres) Brazilian farm located in the estate of Goias, 500 kilometres from Brasilia (Brazilian capital). Numerous occurrences of gold are recognised throughout the region, both in alluvium and in fresh rocks. Professional research indicated 188 hectares (12% of the farm area) have about 1,393 kilogrammes of gold to be extracted. Besides it, the whole area of the farm has alluvial gold, making the total amount of gold in the farm even bigger. The area is all legal and authorisation by the Brazilian government authority DNPM (National Department of Mineral Production from the initials in Portuguese) to start mining has been given.
Form of co-operation: Looking for investors
Origin: Brazil

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