Franchising is an operational model commonly used in the retail, food and beverage and service industries. It not only enables investors to explore overseas markets faster and at a relatively lower cost, it also provides Macao SMEs with the opportunities for modernisation and further development through advanced technology and enhanced operating systems.

IPIM, being the designated organisation to promote Macao’s trade and investment, has been actively assisting local enterprises to understand the different operating models and improve their business conditions. To assist enterprises to grasp franchising opportunities, IPIM has put in a great deal of effort, by organising the first Macao Franchise Expo (MFE), setting-up the SME Service Centre (SMEC) and the franchising consultation counter, to serve as a co-operation platform for internationally renowned brands and franchising companies to recruit potential franchisees.

The webpage is not only a means to provide practical business and economic information on franchising for local enterprises and the general public, you are also welcome to make use of our business matching and consultation functions to explore franchising opportunities and join us in promoting the development of the local franchising market.