Liaison Office Service Territory: Guangdong, Guangxi and Hainan

  • To introduce potential investors to the local investment environment and opportunities,promote sustainable and diversified development of Macao industry.
  • To provide trade, economic, and general information to assist Macao enterprises in exploring mainland market and the development of their business in Guangdong、Guangxi and Hainan.
  • To develop and strengthen economic and trade relations with Guangdong、Guangxi and Hainan in various level and area, deepen the cooperation between Macao and Guangdong.
  • To serve Guangdong、Guangxi and Hainan investment in Macao,utilize their modern service, build a competitive business environment and an international network as an advantage to explore Macao and the portuguese-speaking countries, and  overseas markets.
  • To encourage Macao enterprises cooperating with Guangdong、Guangxi and Hainan enterprises.