Brief Introduction of Sichuan Province-Economic Profile of 2017

Area 485,000 Sq. Km
Population 83.02 million people
The cities of Sichuan province Municipalities: Chengdu, Guangyuan, Mianyang, Deyang, Nanchong, Guangan, Suining, Neijiang, Leishan, Zigong, Luzhou, Yibin, Panzhihua, Bazhong, Dazhou, Ziyang, Meishan, Yaan
Autonomous prefectures:Ganzi, Aba, Liangshan
GDP 3698.02 billion Yuan
Staple industry Industry, energy, agriculture, tourism
Main exports Computers, integrated circuits and microelectronic components, Jewel
Main imports Integrated circuit and microelectronic element, Jewel,Aviation equipment and parts
Export value 2538.5 billion
Import value 2067.4 billion
Tourist number tourists: 672 million

Note: The above information is from the Sichuan Province Bureau of Statistics, the Sichuan Provincial Department of Commerce, the Sichuan Provincial Tourism Bureau, Chengdu Statistic Bureau, Chengdu Bureau of Commerce, Chengdu Tourism Bureau.


Trade and investment profiles with Macao

In2017,the total import and export volume of goods from sichuan and Macao reached $36.21 million ,up 38.13% year on year.Sichuan exported $36.21 million to Macao as it imported $ 1,568, fell 99.71% year on year.Till the end of December 2017,89 Macao- invested enterprises approved by sichuan , the actual use $0.5million Macao fund .1sichuan enterprises for the record of Chinese-invested enterprises in Macao, the record investment amount of $1.88 million.


Trade and investment profiles with Portuguese-speaking countries

In 2017, imports and exports of goods from sichuan and Portuguese-speaking countries totaled $656 million, up 49.69% year on year.Among them, sichuan exported $380 million to Portuguese-speaking countries, up 44.63% year on year.Sichuan imported $276 million from Portuguese-speaking countries, up 57.27 % year on year.By the first half of 2017, sichuan has invested in setting up a company in Brazil, and approved the Chinese investment of $350,000. The industry is wholesale and retail.





Brief Introduction of Chengdu City–Economic Profile of 2017

Area 12,400 Sq.Km
Population 16.044 million people
The district of the Chengdu City Qingyang, Jinjiang, Jinniu, Wuhou, Chenghua, Gaoxin, Wenjiang, Xindu, Longquanyi, Qingbaijiang,Pidu, Shuangliu
GDP 1.38.89 billion Yuan
Staple industry Electronic information, machinery, automobile, petrochemical, food and beverage, and tobacco, metallurgy, building materials and light industry
Main exports Electromagnet products, medical products, shoes, Agricultural products
Main imports integrated circuit and microelectronic element、printed circuit, aviation equipment and parts, steel, automobile,motor vehicles and parts
Export and Import value 394.18 billion yuan
Tourist number 21 million


Note: The above information is from the Chengdu Statistic Bureau, Chengdu Bureau of Commerce, Chengdu Tourism Bureau.