Brief Introduction of Tibet Autonomous Region-Economic Profile of 2018

Area 120.223 Sq. Km
Population 3.4382 million people
Administrative Division 4 Municipalities,3 Autonomous prefecture
GDP 147.763 billion yuan, up 9.1%
Staple industry Tourism, Tibetan medicine, agricultural and livestock products processing industry
Total imports and exports The total import and export volume for the year was 4.752 billion yuan, down 19.0% from the previous year.Of this amount: 2.857 billion yuan, down 2.5%;Total imports totaled 1.895 billion yuan, down 35.4%.
Tourist number A total of 33,687,300 domestic and foreign tourists were received,up 31.5% over the previous year.Among them: received 33.2111 million domestic tourists, up 31.4%;It received 476,200 inbound tourists, up 38.6 %.Total tourism revenue reached 49.014 billion yuan, up 29.2%;Foreign exchange revenue from tourism reached us $247 million, up 25.1%.

Note: The above information comes from China statistics network, the government of Tibet autonomous region, the Commerce Department of Tibet autonomous region and the tourism bureau of Tibet autonomous region. All information provided on IPIM Website is for reference only.



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