Brief Introduction of Beijing City – Economic Profile(data for 2017)


Area 16,400 sq. km
Population 21.707 million
GDP RMB 2800.04 billion Yuan
Main Industry Automotive industry, petrochemical industry, food industry, information industry, pharmaceutical industry, metallurgical building materials industry, equipment manufacturing industry, forestry
FDI USD 24.33 billion, Growth of 86.7%
Main Export Commodities Grain and grain powder, clothing and clothing accessories, cars and car chassis, iron alloy, textile yarn, weaving material and products, steel, Lai ammonia acid, a new inflatable rubber tires, furniture and parts, footwear
Main Import Commodities Auto parts, cars and car chassis, metal processing machine tools, iron ore, measuring and testing analysis control instrument and apparatus, piston type internal combustion engine parts, steel, mould and metal foundry type box, chrome ore, rubber or plastic processing machines
Export Amount of Goods RMB 396.25 billion Yuan,Growth of 15.5%
Import Amount of Goods RMB 1796.14 billion Yuan,Growth of 18.0%
Number of Visitors Inbound tourists 3.926 million passengers, down 5.8% over the previous year. Among them, the number of foreigners is 3.32 million, down 6.4%; Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan compatriots is 0.606 million, down 2.0%. Tourism foreign exchange income of 546.88 billion, up 8.9%.
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Trade and Investment between Beijing and Macao

By December 2017, Beijing enterprises have invested us $543,02 directly in Macao, mainly in real estate development, garment processing, sales, import and export trade. By May 2018, Macao had approved 173 foreign-invested enterprises in Beijing and 230 million us dollars of actual foreign investment. Two new enterprises were set up in Beijing from January to May 2018, with an actual investment of 2.02 million us dollars. Investment is mainly in real estate, manufacturing, wholesale and retail.

In 2017, the import and export of service trade between Beijing and Macao reached us $178 million, down 7.3% on the previous year. Two-way trade between Beijing and Macao is us $223 million. Between January and April 2018, two-way trade between Beijing and Macao reached 150 million us dollars, up 86.1% from a year earlier. The main export commodities include finished oil, art collections, antiques and cultural products. There are digital cameras, household video cameras and stamps.


Trade and Investment between Beijing and Portuguese Speaking Countries

As of December 2016, Brazil has approved the establishment of 38 foreign-invested enterprises in Beijing with a cumulative total investment of us $61.35 million. Portugal has approved the establishment of 12 foreign-funded enterprises in Beijing, with a total investment of us $510,000. Angola has approved the establishment of two foreign-funded enterprises in Beijing, and has no real investment. Investment in manufacturing, wholesale and retail, leasing and business services.

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