Brief Introduction of Taijin City – Economic Profile(data for 2018)


Area 11,760 sq. km
Population 15.596 million
GDP RMB 1880.964 billion
Main Industry Animal husbandry and aquaculture, green food industry, equipment industry, petrochemical industry, energy industry, food industry
FDI USD 4.851 billion
Main Export Commodities Fresh food, aquatic products, processed foods, textiles, leather products, wood products and paper, mineral products, cement, steel, mechanical and electrical products, high-tech products, refined oil
Main Import Commodities Fresh food, mineral products, paper, crude oil, plastic products
Export Amount of Goods RMB 320.716 billion
Import Amount of Goods RMB 486.985 billion
Number of Visitors The number of inbound tourists was 3.4506 million, an increase of 3.0%, of which 3.1765 million were foreigners, an increase of 2.8%. Foreign exchange earnings from tourism amounted to US$3.752 billion, an increase of 5.5%. Reception of domestic tourists increased by 10.4%, and domestic tourism revenue increased by 12.8%. The number of outbound tours increased by 14.3% to 485,000. Cruise tourism warmed up rapidly, receiving 175 international cruise arrivals in Hong Kong, an increase of 23.2%. At the end of the year, there were 463 travel agencies in the city, of which 64 were qualified to leave the country.
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Trade and Investment between Tianjin and Macao

In 2018, imports and exports of Tianjin and Macao reached 11.68 million yuan, down 92.2% from the same period last year. Among them, 11.36 million yuan was exported, down 92.4% year on year, and 325,000 yuan was imported, up 171.6% year on year. Main export commodities: cables, unmodified ethanol, formulated additives, safety glass, etc. Main imports: aircraft and helicopter parts, sockets, etc.



By the end of December 2018, Tianjin had invested 3 enterprises in Macau with a total investment of 6.155 million US dollars, mainly in wholesale business and business services.

Trade and Investment between Tianjin and Portuguese Speaking Countries

In 2018, Tianjin exported Brazilian main commodities: ships, coke and semi-coke, air conditioning, rubber accelerators, steel and so on. Major commodities imported from Brazil: soybeans, iron ore, unwrought copper, frozen beef, etc. In 2018, Tianjin exported Portuguese main commodities: motorcycle and bicycle accessories, integrated circuit, generator parts, etc. Major commodities imported from Portugal: automobiles, electrical conductors, chemical wood pulp, pressed cork and products, etc.


By the end of December 2018, Tianjin had invested 9 enterprises in Portuguese-speaking countries with a total investment of 7.283 million US dollars, mainly in the wholesale and real estate sectors.

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