Economic Data of NingXia Hui Autonomous Region in 2017

Area 66,400 sq. km
Population 6.818 Million
Main City Name Yinchuan、 Shizuishan、 Wuzhong、 Guyuan、 Zhongwei
GDP RMB 345.393 Billion
Main Industry Chemical, Metallurgy, Coal, Electricity, Cashmere, Pharmaceutical, Fermented products, Agricultural and sideline products processing, Halal food and Muslim products
FDI USD 311.4 Million
Main Export Commodities Pharmaceutical, Cashmere sweater and Tires.
Main Import Commodities Crude oil, Manganese ore, Synthetic rubber and Chromite ore.
Export Amount of Goods RMB 24.71 billion
Import Amount of Goods RMB 9.36 billion
Number of Visitors National Visitors:30.78 million


Economic Data with Macao and Portuguese speaking countries

Unit:RMB mn

Nation(city) Export-Import Volume( Jun.2017) Export-Import Volume in 2016
Macao 2.70  
Portages 20.54 3.17
Brazil 318.45 235.88
Timor-Leste 0.86
Mozambique 3.56 1.44
Anglos 729.80 1.87


Economic Data of Yinchuan city in 2017

Population 2.225 Million
GDP 161.728 Billion
Real GDP Growth 8.1%
Per Capital GDP 74.269 Thousand
GDP Composition
Primary industry 5.861 Billion
Secondary industry 82.546 Billion
Tertiary industry 73.321 Billion
Fix-assets Investment 171.905 Billion
Real Sales 56.231 Billion
Export 19.599 Billion
Import 7.464 Billion
Utilized Foreign Direct Investment USD 31.00 Million

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