Economic Data of Shanxi Province in 2017

Area 156,300 sq. km
Population 37.02Million
Main City Name Datong、Suzhou、 Xinzhou、 Yangquan、 Lvliang、 Jinzhong、 Changzhi、 Jincheng、 Linfen、 Yuncheng
GDP RMB1,497.35Billion
Main Industry Coal, Coke, Metallurgy, Electrical power and Tourism.
FDI USD 1.69 Billion
Main Export Commodities Coal, Coke, Magnesium product , Steel,   Stainless steel, Machinery and electronic equipment, High-tech products.
Main Import Commodities Minerals, Machinery and electronic products.
Export Amount of Goods 69.33 Billion
Import Amount of Goods 47.15 Billion
Number of Visitors Entering into the Country(Over one day):670 thousand
National Visitors:560 Million

Economic Data with Macao

In 2016, the Export Volume between Shanxi and Macao was USD 3.34 million(+21.86%),while on January to June,in 2017,the amount reaches 0.76 million. There was no Import Volume.

Economic Data with Portuguese speaking countries

In 2016, the total Export-Import Volume between Hubei and Portuguese speaking countries was USD 3.070 billion(+0.75%),while the amount of Portugal reaches 11.26 million,of Brazil was 2.931 billion ,of Angloa was 63.47 million,of Mozambique was 41.32 miilion. There is no import in the country of Timor-Leste and Cape Verde, while the export was 1.52 million and 1.19 million respectively.

Since then, there was no SHANXI investment in Portuguese speaking countries, except for two direct investments in Brazil valued at USD 1.2 billion

Economic Data of Taiyuan city in 2017

Population 4.379 Million
GDP 338.218 Billion
Real GDP Growth 7.5%
Per Capital GDP 77.536 Thousand
GDP Composition
Primary industry 4.082 Billion
Secondary industry 127.142 Billion
Tertiary industry 206.994 Billion
Fix-assets Investment 96.486 Billion
Real Sales 176.782 Billion
Export 57.216 Billion
Import 34.309 Billion
Utilized Foreign Direct Investment USD 0.107 Billion

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