Hainan Economic and Trade Information – 2017

Area 35 thousand and 400 square kilometers
Population 9 million 171 thousand and 300
Cities in the province(Prefecture level city) Haikou, Sanya, San Sha, Danzhou
Gross Domestic Product 404 billion 451 million yuan
Main Industries The oil and gas industry, the information industry, the food processing industry, tourism, Internet, the agricultural industry, the manufacturing industry, the exhibition industry, the medical and health industry, the modern logistics industry, the financial service industry, the pharmaceutical industry, the real estate industry, the high technology indsutry, the education industry, the cultural industry, the sports industry
foreign Direct Investment 2 billion 131 million dollars
Main Export Products Mechanical and electrical products, high and new technology products, product oil, diodes and similar semiconductor devices, electronic technology products, paper and paperboard (uncut form).
Main Import Products Crude oil, electrical and mechanical, hi-tech products, aircraft and other aircraft, xylene, pulp and agricultural products.
Export Value of Goods and Services 14 billion 51 million dollars
Import Value of Goods and Services 61 billion 81 million dollars
Number of Passengers Passengers at home and abroad: 67 million 450 thousand person times


Economic and trade and investment situation between Hainan and Macao

By December 2017, the number of investment enterprises in Hainan in Macao was 14, with contractual foreign capital of 9 million 50 thousand US dollars and the actual investment amount of 67 million 760 thousand US dollars. And Hainan has a total investment of 1 million 920 thousand US dollars in Macao.

Economic and trade and investment situation between Hainan and Portuguese speaking countries

By December 2017, Hainan has invested 842 million 40 thousand US dollars in Portuguese speaking countries.

Source of information:

Hainan Provincial Bureau of Statistics: http://www.stats.hainan.gov.cn/

Hainan Provincial Department of Commerce: http://www.dofcom.gov.cn

Guangzhou representative office inquires about information from the Hainan Provincial Department of Commerce