After completion, the Hengqin Port and the Integrated Transport Hub will become a fully-integrated transport hub for light rail, long-distance bus and taxis, and will also  facilitate the development of the modern services industry. Currently, all the related construction works are accelerating ahead.

I – Launching of the preliminary works for commercial services
May 7 – Start of the works for the selection of business consulting firms among several candidates;

May 11 – Completion of the preliminary design of the brochure of the project;

May 15 – Visit of Poly Real Estate, for discussion about cooperation in attracting investors.

II – New progress in the design plan
May 17 – Completion of the internal review of the soft soil foundation treatment at the Provisional Port;

May 31 – Meeting of the experts for appraisal of the International Program Contest in respect of the Functional Area of the Hengqin Port and Integrated Transport Hub. Currently, it is already clear the direction for the selection of the design plan.

III – Construction works at the site are progressing in an orderly manner
May 16 – Joint meeting for the review of the project drawings of the Exhibition Hall and ancillary facilities. The design unit has make clarifications of all the issues related to the project drawings and have, after the meeting, distributed amended drawings;

May 26 – The Nam Yue Group has completed the site backfill and compact. After acceptance by the relevant four parties, the site was handed over to the Zhong Yang Group. Under the supervision of Xingdi, Zhong Yang Group issued the order for the start of  the construction of the Exhibition Hall and ancillary facilities.

IV – Application for approval is currently at the examination stage
May 21 – Completed the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of the Functional Area, which was reported to the relevant government agencies and publication of the EIA notice;

May 16 – The Energy Review Unit completed the preparation of the tender for the Provisional Port Project;

May 24 – Delivery of the Provisional Immigration and Customs Clearing Facilities Project Proposal to the New Area Coordination and Development Committee.