The annual international gala economic and trade event of Macao, the 20th Macao International Trade and Investment Fair (MIF), will be held from 22 to 25 October 2015 at the Venetian Macao-Resort-Hotel.

The theme of the 20th MIF continues to be “Co-operation – Key to Business Opportunities”, a theme that links the past to the future, advancing with times. MIF also closely follows the footsteps of the country’s development strategy of the “Belt and Road” initiative and the SAR Government’s goal of building Macao into a “World Tourism and Leisure Centre” and establishing the “Business and Trade Co-operation Service Platform between China and Portuguese-speaking Countries” (One Centre, One Platform). Activities of this year’s MIF will focus on topics such as the “Belt and Road” initiative, platform between China and Portuguese-speaking Countries, Free Trade Zones, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), youth entrepreneurship, “Internet +”, Traditional Chinese Medicine industry, as well as cultural and creative industry. Special topic exhibition areas and series of forum are set up to support these topics, enriching the contents of MIF. Free business-matching service is also available, helping trade visitors to find new business opportunities. Concurrent events include the setting up of an ”exhibition-within-an-exhibition”, namely the “Portuguese-speaking Countries Products and Services Exhibition”, as well as the organisation of the “World Summit of Chinese Entrepreneurs”.
This MIF is organised by the Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute (IPIM) with the World Association of Investment Promotion Agencies (WAIPA) as the Special Supporting Organisation. The Governmental Co-organisers are Macao Economic Services of Macao SAR Government, Macau Government Tourist Office of Macao SAR Government, Department of Commerce of Guangdong Province, Chongqing Foreign Trade & Economic Relations Commission, and Fujian Macau Economic Co-operation Promotion Committee. A total of 19 government bodies and business associations from Mainland China, Portuguese-speaking Countries, as well as countries/regions such as Hong Kong and Macao are invited as co-organisers, partner organisations, and co-ordinators.
As the first exhibition in Macao accredited by the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI), the first MIF was held in 1996 and after 20 years of development, the exhibition area has expanded from 3,000 square metres to more than 37,000 square meters while number of exhibition booths has grown from around 100 to more than 1,900. There are more than 50 concurrent events such as high-level forums, presentations and seminars on investment environment and projects, and industry-specific conferences, enabling exhibitors from around the world and local SMEs to explore business opportunities together.

I A Networking Platform with Macao Characteristics
The “Belt and Road” Initiative with Macao Characteristics
Due to its special geographic location and its role as an economic region, Macao possesses unique advantages in the implementation of the “Belt and Road” initiative. This year, the initiative is featured in many MIF forums and seminars, including the “International Trade and Investment Forum 2015”, a keynote forum of the 20th MIF to be held in the afternoon of the first day (22 October). Ministerial officials and renowned academics from Mainland China and various countries along the “Belt and Road” route are invited to share their insights on the “Belt and Road” initiative and regional economic development.
Other forums focusing on the “Belt and Road” initiative include “One Belt One Road Macao Youth Entrepreneurship Opportunity” and a forum on “Extension to One Belt One Road – How the Ancient Maritime Silk Road can foster China-Latin America Ties for Promoting the Economic Integration of Asia and Latin America and the Cultural Exchange of the two Regions”.
On the other hand, coastal countries along the “Belt and Road” route, including Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, India, Pakistan, and Cambodia will also participate in MIF exhibitions and forums. Returned overseas Chinese of Macao play an importance role in networking and liaisons, highlighting Macao’s unique role as a platform in the business co-operation brought about by the “Belt and Road” initiative.

Advance the Chinese Portuguese Platform by Establishing the “Three Centres”
In promote the development of the Business and Trade Co-operation Service Platform between China and Portuguese-speaking Countries as well as to support and collaborate with the SAR Government’s plan to establish the “Three Centres”, this year’s MIF will further enrich the contents and the size of the exhibition area of the Portuguese-speaking Countries. An exhibition entitled “Portuguese-speaking Countries Products and Services Exhibition” (an “exhibition-within-an-exhibition”) will be held. This exhibition will take up a space of 2,241 square metres, with 249 exhibition booths set up by more than 150 exhibitors from Portuguese-speaking countries. Exhibitors will present the latest economic development trends and investment environment of these Portuguese-speaking Countries. They will also showcase food and beverages from these Portuguese-speaking Countries as well as various commerce and trade professional services for industries such as: finance, translation, advertising media, exhibition and advertising, E-commerce, tourism, legal consultation, accounting, and retail that can facilitate interactions with Portuguese-speaking Countries. In order to improve the effectiveness of the “exhibition-within-an-exhibition”, exhibitors and trade visitors have been registered in advance so as to ensure that business matching meetings at the venue can be more purposeful and effective.
To further promote the “Three Centres” and the “Economic & Trade Co-operation and Human Resources Portal between China and Portuguese-speaking Countries” (the Portal), MIF has, for the first time, established a “Portal Professional Service Supplier Exhibition Area”. In order to strengthen interaction and exchanges between Macao enterprises and Portuguese-speaking Countries exhibitors, 16 professional service providers have been invited to participate in this exhibition.
Several forums and seminars involving Portuguese-speaking Countries have been scheduled during MIF, including “Young Entrepreneurs Forum of China and Portuguese-speaking Countries”, “Presentation on the Economic & Trade Co-operation and Human Resources Portal between China and Portuguese-speaking Countries”, “Beijing • Macao • Portuguese-Speaking Countries Matchmaking Symposium for Cooperation Projects”, “The 5th Jiangsu – Macau Portuguese-Speaking Countries Business Forum”, “Dongguan – Portuguese Speaking Countries Networking Meeting”, “Presentation on Fishery Industry Development Situation and Fishery Food Trading and Processing Business Opportunities in Portuguese-speaking Countries”, and “Introduction to Taxation Policy on Cross-border Trade and Trade with Portuguese-Speaking Countries”

Expand Guangdong-Macao Co-Operation and Promote Business Opportunities brought about by the Free Trade Zones
The Guangdong Free Trade Zone has become the latest hot spot of regional investment and co-operation. A Guangdong-Macao Co-operation Industrial Park on Hengqin Island exhibition area will be set up at MIF to present the current investment projects and business opportunities offered by the Free Trade Zone. The Zhuhai Chimelong International Ocean Resort will also have its own designated exhibition area. At the same time, Zhongshan will have a Lighting Fixture Exhibition Area and a “Zhongshan-Macao Investment and Trade Promotion” event at MIF. Meanwhile MIF will continue to provide “One Trip, Multi-Stop” service to arrange visitors to conduct investment environment study at Hengqin, Zhuhai, aiming to expand exhibition industry collaboration and promote regional economic and trade co-operation.

Promote Development of Youth Entrepreneurship and SMEs Collaboration

In order to assist youth entrepreneurs as well as SMEs to expand their businesses, more than 20 young entrepreneurs were invited to participate in this year’s Macao SME Pavilion, “Creative Power Exhibition Area”, and “Macao International Design Exhibition”.
MIF has especially arranged a series of activities focusing on youth entrepreneurship and SME business operation during “SME International Business Days”. Forums and seminars relating to youth entrepreneurship include:“Let your dream fly, start your business” Forum and “Seminar on Entrepreneurship and Innovation – 10 Tips for Starting your Own Business”. Macao Economic Services will provide on site consultation service for young entrepreneur.
A wide variety of exhibitors will be exhibiting in the “Macao SME Pavilion”, including: souvenir, food products and wines, electronic products, clothes/shoes/leather products, jewellery /accessories/handicrafts, household items, cultural and creative products, environmental/industrial equipment. Interactive elements such as live demonstrations and miniature workshops will also be set up this year.
SME Service Counter is set up at the venue to provide business consultation, timely market information, and business matching service to SMEs, helping Macao SMEs to transform and leverage their business to grasp opportunities.

Exhibition Industry Co-operation Platform to expand Communication within the Industry
For many years, under the collaborative efforts of IPIM and other co-organisers, MIF has gradually become an incubation platform for the exhibition industry. Besides creating an “Exhibition within an Exhibition” to promote the development of this industry, the exhibition industry has also organised a “The 8th Exhibition Industry Co-operation Forum of Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Macao and Other Cities in Pan-PRD & Exhibition Industry Forum for Economic Cooperation” during MIF to deepen the exchanges and co-operation of the exhibition industry between cities in the Pearl River Delta region. Moreover, a Launching Ceremony for the Macao Exhibition Ambassador Programme will be held during MIF to promote the development of MICE human resources. At the same time, in order to improve the industry’s awareness on green exhibition and implement waste reduction at source, to the organiser decided to organise the Green Booth and Green Electricity Fee Rebate programme again this year, and received enormous support from the exhibition industry.

E-Commerce to Promote Internet Platform
Following the development of economic globalisation and Informatisation, cross-border E-commerce is also developing at an unprecedented rapid pace. 2014 cross-border E-commerce trade volume has reached 3.75 trillion yuan.
In order to further assist local SMEs to develop E-commerce, this year’s MIF has invited many E-commerce enterprises to participate in its exhibitions and forums. Service providers from E-commerce platforms, online shopping malls, cross-border electronic merchant platforms, finance and payment services, mobile Internet services, and digital technology from around the globe will promote their leading products, brand new business models to visitors at the exhibition platform. At the same time, representatives from Google and Alibaba are invited as speakers of the E-commerce seminar to share their views and their successful experiences. Related activities also include “Zhuhai Cross-border E-commerce Conference”. MIF will also arrange well-known E-commerce service providers to provide free consultation services during the event.

Promote Traditional Chinese Medicine Industry to assist Diversification of Industrial Development
The State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine Exchange Center for Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao is going to set up a “Chinese Medicine Health Industry Pavilion” during MIF. The pavilion covers 432 square meters of space and has attracted a group of outstanding traditional Chinese medicine enterprises to attend. Key exhibitors include Gansu Cheezheng Tibetan Medicine Industry Group Co Ltd, the first Tibetan enterprise obtaining GMP certification in China, which is coming to MIF for the first time. Guangdong-Macao Traditional Chinese Medicine Technology Industrial Park Development Co Ltd will also be at the pavilion. A series of related forums will also be held during the exhibition, including “International Forum on Development of Chinese Medicine (Macao)”, and “2015 Macau Traditional Chinese Medicine Forum (MTCMF)”, helping to advance diversified industrial development of Macao.

Integrate Characteristics of Macao to Promote Local Cultural Creative Industry
Cultural Affairs Bureau of the Macao SAR Government continues to host their “Macao Creative Pavilion” at MIF. This year, latest Macao creations will be presented to MIF visitors under the theme of cultural creative map. Since the 15th MIF in 2010, the Macau Productivity and Technology Transfer Centre (CPTTM) started to work together with IPIM to host a “Macao Fashion Festival” during MIF, showcasing up-to-date Macao fashion design concepts and Macao fashion trends will be the focus of the festival. Fashion seminar and several Macao fashion shows will also be presented at the festival.
A “Macao International Design Exhibition” will be set up as part of this year’s MIF. The exhibition covers an area of about 1,000 square meters. Over 400 pieces of outstanding design works gathered from around the globe will be on display, including fascinating works from well-known U.K. female architect Zaha Hadid, Portuguese architect Alvaro Siza, and Chinese Academy of Engineering member Cui Kai. “The Cultivation of International Design Talents and the Combination of Enterprise Development Needs Forum” will also be held at the same time. Over 500 exceptional designers from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macao, Singapore, and other overseas areas will attend the forum for academic exchanges, explore international design development trends, and study the cultivation of international design talents. The exhibition and forum aim to promote better development of the design industry in Macao and Chinese regions as well as building a long-term learning and exchange platform between Macao and the international community.
This is the fourth year that “Shenzhen International Cultural Industry Fair” is held during MIF, bringing with it China’s best forefront cultural creative concepts, products, and creative culture. Meanwhile, the Macao International Printing Products Expo 2015 will showcase latest technology and creative ideas from the printing industry. Other concurrent events include the “5th China Print Awards Outstanding Works Exhibition” and “2015 Printing Summit Forum”.

Chinese Entrepreneurs Worldwide Join Together to Collaborate on Mega Development Plan
Chinese entrepreneurs from around the world will be invited to attend this year’s MIF. Through their participation in exhibition, “World Summit of Chinese Entrepreneurs”, other related forums, as well as business promotion and business matching, they will explore the developing business opportunities offered under the “Belt and Road” initiative, promote interaction and co-operation between global Chinese entrepreneurs.
“The 12th World Summit of Chinese Entrepreneurs” will be held on 24th October and the theme is “Belt and Road” development opportunities and challenges. Chinese entrepreneurs and leaders of Chinese entrepreneurial associations from around the globe will gather together at the event to explore and exchange information on how to improve economic and trade co-operation for Chinese entrepreneurs from mainland and overseas. On the same day, “2015 Excellence in Achievement of World Chinese Youth Entrepreneurs Award Ceremony” and “The Forum of Excellence in Achievement of World Chinese Youth Entrepreneurs” will also be held.

II Rich Exhibition Contents with Practical Layout
This year‘s MIF has again successfully invited more than 50 delegations from Mainland as well as overseas countries and regions to participate in the exhibition, to actively promote Macao’s economic diversification and the development local SMEs. The MIF platform has already successfully driven Macao SMEs to strengthen their desire to exchange information and upgrade their business, working actively to expand their mainland and overseas markets.
To ensure the professional standard and effectiveness of this year’s MIF, the organiser strives to continue to optimize its exhibition services in an attempt to maximise business transactions at the exhibition.
MIF has invited many buyers, well-known enterprises, and designated pavilion merchants as possible to attend MIF. Up till now, MIF has already arranged over 1,400 trade visitors and buyers from Guangdong and other provinces to participate in the event.

III MIF Services to Facilitate Visitors
Establish Service and Enquiry Counter
This year’s MIF continues to provide on site service and consultation counter. Services offered at the counter include convenience support services such as tourist services, postal services, telecommunication services, and on-site logistic services. To facilitate visitors to easily go through immigration, “MIF VIP Channel” will be established at the Border Gate, Lotus Border, and Hong Kong Macao Ferry Terminal Border.
* Encourage Green Travel through Provision of Free Shuttle Bus Service
To uphold organisation of environmentally friendly exhibition and encourage participants to practise green travel, free shuttle bus service will be provided during MIF from 22 to 25 October to provide a green travel option to the participants. Visitors driving to MIF can consider parking at the Taipa Central Park Car Park and then take the shuttle bus to the venue.

Use of “New Media” to retrieve latest MIF updates and achieve “Paperless” Exhibition
To improve exhibition efficiency and to promote a “paperless” exhibition, MIF continues to set up WeChat exhibitor enquiry service and a mobile App this year, making it easier for exhibitors and delegates to access up-to-date exhibition information and guidance. Visitors can also conduct real-time business matching registration to arrange meetings with interested enterprises.
For further details of the 20th MIF, please follow MIF WeChat account (ID: MIFMacau), contact IPIM on 853 – 2882 8711, or visit the MIF website:
Anyone interested in the above mentioned items can go to the Business Meeting Centre for enquiries and business matching.