One of the objectives of Hengqin New Area is to become an “ecological island” suitable to live and work. During the development process, efforts will be made to transform Hengqin into an “ecological island, by pursuing a long-term and scientific development process and ensuring, at the same time, a perfect coordination between development and environmental protection.

I – Completion of the drafting of the Marine Ecology Restoration Plan
Through international tender, it was decided to choose AMA Architectural Design Office, from France, as the design entity, in the drafting of the Hengqin Marine Ecology Restoration Plan. The restoration areas in Hengqin include two wetlands, in Man Zhou and Erjing Bay, covering a total area of 392 hectares. The area of Man Zhou is  60 hectares, and Erjing, 332 hectares. The restoration plan will be implemented in phases. All efforts will be made to build a world-class wetland and ecological homes for the birds.

II – Official launch of the restoration of the marine ecology of Hengqin
The restoration works of the marine ecology of Hengqin began in November 2011. Relevant investment is estimated at RMB600 million, RMB40 million having been invested up to now, with the completion of Hengqin Restoration of Marine Ecology Exhibition Hall, covering 2 thousand square meters, cleaning and remediation of the banana plantation zone, with an area of 300 thousand square meters, the planting of 120,000 plants of 16 varieties, suitable for mangroves, including sonneratia, kandelia, aegiceras, chna kirkii, silver leaf and yellow hibiscus. In addition, the project also includes the construction of 300 meters of plank bridges, floating platform and a  hydrophilic area of 600 square meters.

III – Construction of a comprehensive “Ecological Island”
Transformation of the Erjing Bay into an important environmental protection area and birds ´paradise; transformation of the banana plantation and fish pond into static wetland suitable for tour; transformation of the marine park zone into a wetland suitable for dynamic tour and an area for administrative services. We shall ensure that there is harmony between development and environmental protection in Hengqin and focus on building the “Ecological Island”, as outlined.