In the afternoon of May 7, Nansha New Area (Guangzhou), Qianhai Cooperation Zone (Shenzhen) and Hengqin New Area (Zhuhai) signed a “Nansha, Qianhai and Hengqin Amicable Cooperation Agreement”. Pursuant to the terms and conditions therein, the three territories would improve the innovative cooperation mechanisms, through cooperation, coordination and development of regional cooperation and finding out a new model to transform the current cooperation manner of our country, so as to open a new path for development, cooperation and coordinated development of all the regional economies of China, by working together to create a new vector for cooperation between Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, and turn the Pearl River Region into an area endowed of great dynamism and competitiveness.

I –Creating Mechanisms for Long-term Cooperation
By strengthening exchanges, cooperation and coordination among the three parties, at all levels, joint development of high quality plans by building highly efficient constructions and through rapid development, in particular in the following areas: the positioning and layout of the industries, planning in the construction, use of land, policy and measures, and in social management, through information exchange, sharing of resources, in order to achieve a cooperation that could benefit all parties to the Agreement. Coordinated development and “cross development”. To study the experience obtained from cooperation of the three territories with Hong Kong and Macao. To explore and take as example the concept and the advanced experience of Hong Kong and Macao in the management of social affairs and the rules and procedures governing business transactions; create an environment suitable for conducting international business, enhance learning and exchange activities among the leaders of the three territories, by organizing yearly study visits to the territories of the other Contracting Parties. According to requirements, organize, without predetermined intervals, its staff to participate in the labour recruitment campaigns of the other parties, information sharing among the three territories, in particular regarding incentives offered to the labour markets.

II – To endeavour for the transformation and upgrading of Guangdong Province
By signing the above-mentioned Agreement, new progress could be achieved through cooperation in the implementation of pilot projects and the construction of a model of scientific development, thereby becoming an “Iron Triangle” by learning and improving the situation of the Contracting Parties. With regards to economic relations, it is expected that the Cooperation Agreement would boost and promote the transformation of Guangdong, bringing in positive results in the construction of a new platform for strategic development, in order to complement each other in the advantages and become a “Silver Triangle” in the field of economic development. Taking into account the common objectives, the Cooperation Agreement would enhance cooperation among Guangdong Province, Hong Kong and Macao, in the historical process of promoting prosperity and stability for the afore-mentioned Special Administrative Regions, and to constantly face new situations, to become a “Gold Triangle” that extol the qualities of the Chinese People.

III – Development of “cross cooperation” for mutual benefit of the Contracting Parties
Mr. Liu Jia, Member of the Standing Committee of Zhuhai Municipal Government of Zhuhai and Party Secretary of Hengqin New Area, pointed out that Nansha, Qianhai and Hengqin are three chess pieces of the Pearl River Delta that jointly assume the important mission to lead innovation, and hopes that the joint meeting could be used appropriately, comprehensively and actively as a platform to strengthen learning and exchange, by brainstorming to find new ideas. Concerning cooperation with Hong Kong and Macao, through the sharing knowledge and experience in the areas of industry and political measures, and by working together to jointly explore new development paths for Guangdong for the next 30 years and become a new engine for economic development of the municipalities located in the Pearl River Delta, thereby creating a new cooperation perspective among Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao. Through friendly cooperation among the three territories, to jointly conduct the promotion of innovative policies and the sharing of resources, so that Hengqin New Area could establish mechanisms aiming for long-term mutual benefit of the three Contracting Parties, through “cross development” and cooperation benefitting the said Parties; by rapidly building a new platform to upgrade the Pearl River Delta Region and playing well the Hong Kong and Macao cards, to promote the integration and development and working towards the building of the Great Chinese Nation.