Applicants may submit applications via the following means:
1) 24-hour online reservation
2) Make reservation and submit application by visiting IPIM in person / by another person 5 authorised by the applicant with a valid authorisation document.
3) Walk-in service counter 6


5 People intending to apply for temporary residency in Macao as management or technical personnel may take a pre-assessment via IPIM’s Online Assessment for Temporary Residency Application for Management and/or Technical Personnel at Applicants may also submit relevant documents via the Online Document Submission System to allow IPIM to run a preliminary assessment whether all of the required documents are submitted (this service merely provides an assessment of the integrity of the documents, submitting an application and supporting documents via this system does not mean a formal temporary residency application is made.)

6 Applicants are required to bring all documents relevant to temporary residency application in order to obtain a number tag and file formal applications. Applications will not be accepted once the daily quota of walk-in service has been reached.