Part 1 – Information of applicant / family dependent(s)

5.2.1. Applicant

(1) Identification document
➢ Chinese nationals: (the original and two copies of) Chinese Passport (pages showing personal information, remarks and signature of the holder must be included) and documentary proof issued by Mainland authorities granting permission to apply for residency in the Macao SAR (this document is required for new application only).
➢ HKSAR residents

  • a. Original and two copies of the HKSAR Permanent Identity Card (both sides are to be copied on the same side of the page);
  • b. Original and two copies of the HKSAR Document of Identity for Visa Purposes (DIVP; both sides are to be copied on the same side of the page);

➢  Nationals of other countries/regions: Original and two copies of the passport (pages showing personal information and signature of the holder must be included)
(2) Certificate of criminal record:
➢ (Original) Certificate of criminal record issued by the empowered authority(-ies) of the country of applicant’s nationality or of the issuing place of other identification documents within the last six months (this document is required for new application only, verification by embassy’s stamp is required for digital copy)(If this document is issued in China, it must be notarized at the notary office), and the (original) certificate of criminal record issued by the Macao Identification Bureau with three months validity.
(3) Proof of Macao address (document proofing the accuracy of the provided address, e.g. water/electricity bill)
(4) (Original and copy of) MSAR Permanent/ Non-Permanent Resident Identity Card (only required for renewal / family dependent extension application)

5.2.2. Spouse or common-law spouse

(1) Identification document (please refer to the requirements set out in 5.2.1 (1) above)
(2) Proof of marriage
➢ In the event the marriage is registered in Mainland China, the applicant should submit the original notarised certificate of marriage issued within the past six months (which states the names and dates of birth of the applicant and his/her spouse, the time and location of the marriage registration, and recent photo of the couple).
➢ Applicants having registered their marriage in other countries/regions should submit the proof of marriage (original and copy);
➢ The following documents are required in the event the applicant is in de facto marriage:

  • a. (Original) Declaration proving that the applicant and his/her common-law spouse have voluntarily co-cohabited in a way similar to married couple for more than two years. This declaration must be signed by two witnesses aged 18 or above to verify the contents and the signatures must be notarised on-site by empowered authority.
  • b. (Copy of) Identification documents (with holder’s signature) of the above mentioned two witnesses.
  • c. (Original) Marriage record of applicant and his/her common-law spouse issued by the country of the applicant’s nationality.
  • d. (Copy of) Other documentary proofs substantiating the de facto marriage of the applicant and his/her common-law spouse

(3) State of matrimony declaration (available on IPIM’s website:
(4) Certificate of criminal record (please refer to the requirement relevant to certificate of criminal record in 5.2.1 (2) above)
(5) (Original and copy of) MSAR Non-Permanent Identity Card (applicable to renewal application only).

5.2.3. Descendants aged below 18

(1) Identification document (please refer to the requirements set out in 5.2.1 (1) above)
(2) Birth certificate The following documents are not required for renewal applications
➢ People born in Mainland China:

  • a. (Original and copy of) Notarised birth certificate (which states the name of the 8 family dependent, his/her parents’ name, place and date of birth).
  • b. Original and notarised copy of the applicant and his/her family dependents’ household registration.
  • c. Original and notarised copy of birth certificate issued by hospital.

➢ Nationals of other countries/regions: (original and copy of) birth certificate
➢ If the legal relationship of the minor child and the applicant is established by means of adoption, the whole set of documents detailing the adoption covered by the relevant Adoption Law in the place of adoption should be submitted (e.g. certificate of adoption issued by empowered authority(-ies), the certified original copy of the adoption registration and Certificate of Adoption).
➢If the parents of the minor child have been divorced or the minor child is a natural child, the applicant shall submit the certificate of custody order for the minor child, e.g. divorce certificate and relevant court decision (original and copy).
(3) Certificate of criminal record (family dependent aged 16 or above must submit certificate of criminal record, please refer to the requirements set out in 5.2.1 (2) above)
(4) (Original and copy of) MSAR Non-Permanent Identity Card (required for renewal applications only)

* All applications require a recent colour photograph with plain white background of the interested party

5.2.4. Part 2 – grounds for application

(1) (Original and copy of) Non-resident Worker’s Identification Card (if any)
(2) Qualification document(s) of the qualification(s) declared on the application form:

  • a. Applicants acquiring degree(s) in Mainland China must submit relevant graduation certificate and degree certificate, and the original report of qualification verification issued by the China Academic Degrees and Graduate Education Development Centre (CDGDC) under the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China 8 .
  • b. Applicants acquiring degree(s) outside Mainland China must submit their graduation certificates, original school attendance certificate(s) issued by relevant institute(s) in sealed envelope directly sent to IPIM by relevant institution(s) or submitted by the applicant.

(3) (Original and copy of) Professional qualification documents, awards, training certificates or work licences related to the applicant’s current/intended position in Macao (e.g. medical licence for physician, teaching licence for teachers, engineering licence for engineer)
(4) (Original and copy of) Documentary proof of work history declared on the application form (position and duration of employment should be clearly specified)
(5) (Original and copy of) Valid employment contract with local employer (whereon states clearly the time and location of applicant’s service)
(6) (Original) Job description issued by local employer.
(7) (Original) Employment certificate issued by local employer within the past month, specifying the effective date of the labour contract, position held, monthly basic remuneration and workplace, plus the original of employer’s declaration stating the applicant’s continued employment (if the declaration contains any signatures, the name and the title of the undersigned must be specified).
(8) (Original and copy of) Payslips for the past three months (electronic version is also accepted, but must be stamped by the company).
(9) (Original) Salaries Income Tax Certificate, issued by the Financial Services Bureau, covering earnings from the past years if the applicant has worked in Macao for one year or above.
(10) (Original and copy of) “Salaries Tax – Group I Employment Registration Form (Form M/2)” of the applicant (in the event the employment commencement date on Form M/2 and the one on the employment contract are inconsistent, an explanation letter issued by the human resources department of the local employer is required).

Additional documents (if applicable):
(11) (Original) Business Registration Certificate of the local employer issued within the past three months.
(12) (Original and copy of) “Business Tax – New Registration /Amendment Form (Form M/1)” and “Business Tax Demand Notice (Form M/8)” of the local employer, if applicable.
* For renewal and family dependent extension application, only the documents listed in (5) – (9) in the grounds for application are required. Documents (5) – (12) and resignation certificate (if any) may be required according to actual employment status.

5.2.5. Part 3 – Other supporting documents (only applicable to new applications)

Applicant can submit the following supporting documents or make written statement 9 :

Language ability and other considerations:
(1) Language ability (Whether applicant can use one of Macao’s official languages aside from his/her native language. If yes, applicant must submit written statement on his/her training and application of this language, and provide suitable documents proving his/her statement).
(2) Whether the applicant has been deemed an exceptional talent in other regions or countries (if yes, relevant documents should be presented).
(3) Whether the applicant is living with Macao as the centre of his/her daily life (if yes, relevant documents should be presented, such as studying in Macao / employment / or family members living in Macau).

Personal achievements and Macao’s requirements:
(4) Awards / honours / medals
(5) Certification of skills related to industries or professions which have priority in the MSAR
(6) Recommendation of two or more well-known or authoritative persons in the industry or society

Applicable to applicants as management personnel:
(7) Documents proving that the applicant has taken a leading role in large project
(8) Documents proving the experience of working in branches in different countries/regions of the same group/company in similar positions
(9) Documents proving that Macao permanent residents account for no less than 50% of staff under the supervision of the applicant

Applicable to applicants as technical personnel with special qualification:
(10) Publication of academic research or interview
(11) Patented research
(12) Documents proving the uniqueness of sector or profession of the applicant in Macao

8 More details are available on the official website of the China Academic Degrees and Graduate Education Development Centre (CDGDC) under the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China:
9 If the application is submitted by an authorised person, this authorisee must present the original copy of a valid identification document with the holder’s signature and the original statement signed by the applicant.