The 2019 Guangdong & Macao Branded Products Fair, jointly hosted by the Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute (IPIM) and the Department of Commerce of Guangdong Province on three consecutive days, came to an end successfully today. This year’s GMBPF had rich contents and maintained a lively atmosphere at the venue. Many exhibitors praised the Fair as a huge success. Citizens and tourists successfully bought desired products and returned home fully loaded.

Mr Leong, general manager of a food company which exhibited at both the “Guangdong &Macao Branded Products Fair” and the “Macao Franchise Expo” for the first time, wishes to promote their products to a broader international market with the synergy generated by the two fairs. The three-day exhibitions yielded gratifying results, attracting both repeat customers such as Macao citizens and merchants, and also a number of exhibitors as well. He added that he is planning to participate in both fairs next year.

Mr Wong, representative of a technological entrepreneurial company exhibiting in the “Power of Greater Bay Area Youth-Young Entrepreneurs Area”, said that the smartphone app developed by his company connects more than 200 stores providing daily goods and services such as cleaning, home maintenance, moving services. Currently the app already has more than 13,000 registered users. By exhibiting at the fair, he aimed to promote their app among citizens and tourists, and to facilitate the development of Macao into a “smart city” by fusing innovative technology with daily life. He added that his primary goal in this exhibition is to promote their app. Since the GMBPF has given their products a lot of exposure, he is very pleased with the result.

To be in line with the “Agreement on Promoting Foreign Trade and Development via MICE Industry” signed by IPIM and Congjiang county of Guizhou Province, the Congjiang exhibition area returned at the venue. Mr Guo, an exhibitor in “Exhibition Area of Congjiang County of Guizhou Province”, has participated in the exhibition for two years in a row. Mr. Guo is in charge of a company in ecological technology, and he said that he has high expectations of the Macao market and that his participation in the exhibition last year yielded wonderful results. This year, he brought with him bed linens such as silk quilts made with ecological technology in order to promote their brand. He added that his products sold out and he is very pleased with this result.

Mr Ngai, person in charge of a Macao food trading company, is an exhibitor in the Macao exhibition area participating in the event for the second time. He said that the GMBPF is a major exhibition with well-developed facilities and services. He participated in this year’s GMBPF with a hope to promote their healthcare products imported from the US and Canada among more citizens and tourists, and he is satisfied with the sales volume they managed to achieve on these three days.

According to Ms Yang, a Myanmar exhibitor in the “Belt and Road Exhibition Zone”, she was gratified by the results since the Myanmar products including bird’s nest were well received among customers on the first two days and sold out on the third days’ morning. In her opinion, hosting two fairs simultaneously will enhance the participation of event attendees and bring a broader platform for product promotion and branding.

Besides the rich contents of the exhibition zones, workshops and concurrent activities were also staged at the venue such as “Becoming an Influencer in 3 Minutes” and “Nostalgic Hand-made Lights Workshop”, as well as Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Junior Chefs’ Culinary Competition, all of which kindled the atmosphere inside the exhibition hall.

At the same time, the GMBPF continued to organise for exhibitors tours in Taipa and Coloane,  Central and Southern District, and Northern District for sight-seeing and shopping, in order to extendthe effects of the Fair beyond the venue so as to boost local economy and benefit small and medium enterprises in Macao.

The 2019GMBPF was again held concurrently with Macao Franchise Expo 2019 (2019MFE) in order to share resources and produce collaborative effects. The three-day 2019GMPBF has come to an end successfully, but its online services continue. The organisers have uploaded the data of all exhibitors and images of their products onto a website as a means of long-term promotion. If you wish to find again the well-known and high-quality enterprises and products, please visit our website, The list of winners of the Grand Lucky Draw will also be posted on the official website of the Fair.

The 2020GMBPF and 2020MFE will be concurrently held from July 31 to August 2, 2020.

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2019GMBPF attracts numerous visitors

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Exhibitors praise the effects of the GMBPF

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The interactive installations at the venue attract many participants