It is the second day of 2019 Guangdong & Macao Branded Products Fair (2019GMBPF) today. Many citizens and tourists came to visit and shop. Many exhibitors hoped that they could use Macao as a platform for market expansion in “Belt and Road” regions, Portuguese-speaking countries, and Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area to aid the development of their brands. Citizen  reported satisfaction out of new elements incorporated, which make the GMBPF even more attractive.

The exhibition area of this year’s GMBPF is 9,000 square metrse, encompassing more than 400 exhibition booths. Apart from “Guangdong Branded Products Exhibition Zone”, “Macao Featured Products Exhibition Zone”, “Exhibition Area of Congjiang County of Guizhou Province”, and “The Belt and Road Exhibition Zone”, there are also the newly-established zones including “The Power of Greater Bay Area Youth-Young Entrepreneurs Area” and the “Seniors Exhibition Area”. Within “The Belt and Road Exhibition Zone”, the “Thailand Pavilion” is newly added, with the aim to establishing a broader platform for trade and retailing for both exhibitors and attendees.

Mr Lok, an exhibitor from Macao in “The Power of Greater Bay Area Youth-Young Entrepreneurs Area”, said that the greatest feature of their self-service coffee machine is its ability to extract water from air and its friendliness to both the environment and users. He looks forward to promoting it in various parts of Macao. He added that his entrepreneurial project mainly focuses on technology, and he hopes to let Macao characteristics stand out through commercial co-operation within the Greater Bay Area. He believes that the GMBPF have already built itself a symbol of quality. He also considered the “Technology Innovation Corridor” in the exhibition area helpful to both exhibitors and participants in terms of their collaboration in building Macao into a “smart city” in the future.

Mr Kuok, a representative of a healthcare product company from Thailand and an exhibitor at the newly-established “Thailand Pavilion” in “The Belt and Road Exhibition Zone”, said that his company in Thailand sells latex pillows and essential oils. It is his first time participating in an exhibition in Macao. His company pins great hopes on the Macao market and has great expectations of its potential. Mr Kuok believes that Macao citizens enjoy very high living standards and have high requirements of quality of life, and he hopes the Fair will give him an opportunity to promote his company’s healthcare products.

Many citizens and tourists made good use of this Saturday and came to the Fair for joyful shopping.Apart from the great variety of products, long queues could be seen at the multiple check points and interactive game zones. Citizens and tourists enjoy this “Summer Carnival”. In the “Seniors Exhibition Area”, a Nostalgic Hand-made Lights Workshop was been held. Ms Chan, a citizen participating in the workshop, said that the handicrafts were embedded with the characteristics of Hong Kong’s and Macao’s cultures, and that she benefited a lot from the workshop and gained a better understanding of the GMBPF. Another citizen, Mr Ieong, said that he attended the GMBPF for consecutive years, and that the main reasons of his participation were the lively atmosphere at the Fair and the diversity of the commodities.

Ms Lei, a citizen who attended the GMBPF for the first time, said that she learnt of this Fair from various publicity materials and came to the Fair for shopping. She added that the Fair offered products of such a great variety that can satisfy people of different ages, and that she planned to attend again next year. Mr Mai, a tourist from Guangzhou, said that it was his first time attending the GMBPF, and that the contents were very diversified and internationalised. In particular, he bought many products from Thailand and Myanmar in “The Belt and Road Exhibition Zone”. Citizens who attended the GMBPF repeatedly also found that new elements at this year’s fair had kept up with the latest developments of society.

Tomorrow is the last day of the Fair, during which, apart from multiple interesting workshops, singing and dancing shows, and product promotions, there will also be interactive games with prizes, shopping lucky draw, and the Grand Lucky Draw finale, all of which aim to enable the visitors to return home with great satisfaction. All citizens and tourists are cordially invited to tomorrow’s events. The 2019GMBPF offers free admission from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm. In order to encourage the public to use environmentally friendly public transportation, 4 shuttle bus routes between the Venetian Macao to Northern District, Central District and Taipa Village are available, with pick-up points set at Rua do Dr. Pedro José Lobo (The Macau Square), Avenida do Conselheiro Ferreira de Almeida (near Rua Gago Coutinho, Pak Wai Bus Station), Rua do Mercado de lao Hon (Opposite to Jardim de Iao Hon, near the ISQUARE Computer Plaza), and Avenida de Guimarães (Taipa Central Park, opposite to Nova Park). Free parking areas in Exhibition Halls D & E are available on a first-come-first-serve basis due to limited availability. For more information on 2019GMBPF, please visit the official website, follow gmbpfair on WeChat, Instagram or Facebook (by searching “Guangdong & Macao Branded Products Fair”).

Crowds can be seen in every exhibition zone of 2019GMBPF on the second day (Click to open)

Crowds can be seen in every exhibition zone of 2019GMBPF on the second day

All kinds of branded products are well received by citizens and tourists (Click to open)

All kinds of branded products are well received by citizens and tourists

Long queues at different check points and game zones (Click to open)

Long queues at different check points and game zones