The 25th Macao International Trade and Investment Fair (25th MIF) and the Macao Franchising Expo 2020 (2020MFE) will be held concurrently for the first time from 22 to 24 October at the Venetian Macao. Some exhibitors that participated in the two events last year have made use of the platforms to raise their profile and expand online market, and they believe that holding the MIF and MFE concurrently this year will magnify the synergistic effect and help enterprises revive the business environment amid the epidemic.

Ms Ho, the person in charge of Kam In Portuguese Food Company, which has participated in MIF and MFE for many times, says that participating in the two events over the years has given exposure to her company’s Portuguese food products such as Alua, Bolo Robalo and Bicho Bicho. Coupled with the online and offline promotions arranged by the events, the company’s visibility has been enhanced and it has subsequently opened up online marketing channel, which becomes the key for the company to continue its operation despite the pandemic. The company is well prepared for this year’s exhibition, in the hope of finding new buyers from abroad at the MIF and expanding local customer base through the MFE Gourmet Avenue.

Long Prosperity Company Limited was founded in 2007 and now owns five restaurant brands. Mr Tse, person in-charge of the company, says that the MFE is a “stage” for business expansion, and the company’s business has grown by approximately 5% since its participation in last year’s event. He also describes MFE as an “assistant” for brand expansion, through which most of their brands are “going global”. Last year, the company successfully opened a branch store in Nanshan District, Shenzhen. The daily business turnover of that branch alone equals that of more than 10 stores in Macao combined, which marks the company’s remarkable achievement in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. This year’s event will be organised in an online-offline integration mode, which Mr Tse believes is in line with the trend, as companies can quickly get information of each other and discuss co-operation more conveniently and efficiently.

Tai Heng Foods Company Limited is a long-established local trading company in Macao, specialising in import/export trade, local logistics services and wholesale of food and oil supplies. Mr Fan, the person in charge of Tai Heng, remembers the experience of participating in the MFE Gourmet Avenue very vividly. He says that after the Gourmet Avenue opened to the general public last year, the company’s turnover has increased by around 20% compared to 2018, and the revenue boost was mainly contributed by local customers. This year, MIF and MFE will be held at the same venue. Mr Fan is believes that such arrangement will increase foot traffic and further boost exhibitors’ sales.

In addition to the 25th MIF and the 2020MFE, the “2020 Portuguese-speaking Countries Products and Services Exhibition (Macao)” (2020PLPEX) will also be held concurrently at the same venue. For enquiries, please contact the MIF and PLPEX Administrative and Service Centre at (853) 2882 8711 and the MFE Secretariat at (853) 8798 9654; or email to, info@plpex.moor For the latest information, please subscribe MICE_IPIM on WeChat or visit the official websites:,, or


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