To give enterprises from the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area a better understanding of the “Made in Macao”, “Macao Brand” and “Macao Design” products and services, promote the advantages and characteristics of Macao enterprises, and facilitate business co-operation and exchange between Mainland and Macao enterprises, the Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute (IPIM) organised the “Macao Ideas, Join & Match” Business-matching Showcase on 8 July in co-operation with the Zhuhai Municipal Bureau of Commerce and the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Representative Office in Macao. The event attracted the participation of 120 representatives from Mainland and Macao enterprises and a total of 81 business matching sessions were held on site, covering areas of trade, food processing, retail and wholesale, e-commerce, branding and packaging, and business consultancy.

Executive Director of IPIM Vincent U delivered a speech at the event. He said that over the years, IPIM has launched numerous measures to help explore the market for the “Made in Macao”, “Macao Brand” and “Macao Design” products, one of which being the establishment of the Macao Products Display Centre (also known as “Macao Ideas”). Through displaying products featured in Macao Ideas and organising business matching sessions, the event seeks to provide a platform for business matching for Mainland delegates and members of Macao Ideas, strengthening business exchange and fostering business co-operation between enterprises from the two regions.

Product promotion, food and beverage tasting, and business matching sessions were held at the event venue 27 members of Macao Ideas from the fields of food and beverages, cultural and creative design items, daily commodities, apparels and accessories were invited to business matching sessions.

Estabelecimento de Comidas Ngau Ngau, a member of Macao Ideas, participated in the Business-matching Showcase for the first time. Its operation director Ms Lei expressed satisfaction from the results brought by the event, saying that they have met a number of enterprises from Macao and Mainland China, enhancing their brand awareness and product recognition. She also said that they will continue joining similar activities in an effort to grow their business in the Greater Bay Area.

Chi Wan Hin Jewellery is also a member of Macao Ideas that joined the Business-matching Showcase for the first time. Its design director Ms Chan reported that she met companies from Zhuhai and Macao engaged in gift packaging, photography and advertising, and that they will have further discussion on co-operation.

Ms Lao, Senior Marketing Manager of Noble Mart Macau, which is a first time participant, said that they have reached preliminary consensus on co-operation with two souvenir makers at the event. According to Lao, the event allowed enterprises to have direct communication with other companies, which could enhance each other’s understanding about their respective products and additional services including foundry. She concluded that this event was conducive to multi-facet collaboration among participants.

MGM joined the event for the second time. Its supplier relationship manager Mr Tong considered the Business-matching Showcase as an ideal interaction platform as it enabled companies to have first-hand information of “Made in Macao”, “Macao Brand” and “Macao Design” products. He also reported that the scale of the event had grown bigger and more diverse products were available compared to the previous edition. Tong also discovered many new members of Macao Ideas, and he realised that there were more prospect partners had joined the event.

In addition, IPIM has organised a delegation of event participants from Mainland and Macao enterprises to visit the Zhuhai-Macao Cross Border Industrial Zone (Macao Park) in the afternoon of the same day. They visited local factories for coffee products and food souvenirs, where the factories’ representatives introduced their companies’  stories and showed the delegation around, giving Mainland enterprises an experience and understanding of “Made in Macao” brands. During the visit, the delegation also exchanged opinions with the representatives on customers’ needs, product varieties and spending patterns.

Mr Gong, Deputy General Manager of Aobaiban Group, a participating Mainland enterprise, said that the tour allowed him to know a number of “Made in Macao”, “Macao Brand” and “Macao Design” products. He reached a preliminary collaboration agreement with a Macao souvenir maker, and visiting its factory in the afternoon give him more understanding about that company’s capability. Gong said that Macao’s products are well-received in the Mainland’s market as made-in-Macao products are commonly recognised as quality assured. Companies that offer tours in their factories were gratified by the event’s arrangement as the tours enabled enterprises from Mainland China and Macao to have more understanding of “Made in Macao” and “Macao Brand”.

Established by IPIM, Macao Ideas is a permanent product display centre dedicated to promoting “Made in Macao”, “Macao Brand” and “Macao Design” items, and currently features a variety of products from over 100 local enterprises, including food, coffee, alcoholic drinks, clothing, jewellery, footwear, cultural and creative products, and souvenirs. In the future, IPIM will continue organising different types of business promotion events based on enterprises’ needs and market trends, thereby helping local products enter more markets, and enhancing the visibility of local enterprises and brands. For more information regarding Macao Ideas, please visit the official website at


IPIM representatives and participants of the “Macao Ideas, Join & Match” Business-matching Showcase


On-site business matching sessions at the “Macao Ideas, Join & Match” Business-matching Showcase


Promotion session for products featured in Macao Ideas


A delegation of enterprises organised by IPIM visiting a “Made in Macao” company’s factory