Economic Data of Shanxi Province in 2018

Area 156,300 sq. km
Population 37.18Million
Main City Name Datong、Suzhou、 Xinzhou、 Yangquan、 Lvliang、 Jinzhong、 Changzhi、 Jincheng、 Linfen、 Yuncheng
GDP RMB1,681.81Billion
Main Industry Coal, Coke, Metallurgy, Electrical power and Tourism.
FDI USD 2.36 Billion
Main Export Commodities Coal, Coke, Magnesium product , Steel,   Stainless steel, Machinery and electronic equipment, High-tech products.
Main Import Commodities Minerals, Machinery and electronic products.
Export Amount of Goods RMB 81.04 Billion
Import Amount of Goods RMB 55.95Billion
Number of Visitors Entering into the Country(Over one day):713 thousand
National Visitors:700 Million



Economic Data with Macao

In 2018, the total Export-Import  Volume between Shanxi and Macao was  3.90 million(+164.17%)。

By the end of December 2018, Macao had invested 23 enterprises in Shanxi Province, with contracted foreign capital of us $67.195 million. Currently, there are two existing enterprises

Economic Data with Portuguese speaking countries

In 2018, the total Export-Import Volume between Shanxi and Portuguese speaking countries was 2.170 billion(-21.05%)

Nation 2018 total Export-ImportRMB million Year on year


Brazil 2065.00 -23.00
Portugal 10.80 -77.86
Angola 33.58 319.09
Mozambique 59.48 586.58
Timor-Lest e
Cape Verde 0.01 -94.87
Sao Tome and Principe 0.09



Economic Data of Taiyuan city in 2018

Population 4.421 Million
GDP RMB 388.448 Billion
Real GDP Growth 7.5%
GDP Composition
Primary industry RMB 4.105 Billion
Secondary industry RMB 143.913 Billion
Tertiary industry RMB 240.430 Billion
Fix-assets Investment RMB 121.782 Billion
Retail Sales RMB 181.190 Billion
Export RMB 66.325 Billion
Import RMB 42.304 Billion



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