Administrative Regulation No. 7/2007, effective from 4th April 2007, temporarily suspends Administrative Regulation No. 3/2005,subsection 1 (4) and 3 (“Investors, Managerial Personnel, Technical and Professional qualification holders Residency Scheme”).

1. According to the above-mentioned Administrative Regulation, from today onwards, new applications based on the purchase of property will not be accepted by Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute, until further notice.

2. This is not applicable for:

(i) Renewal applications;
(ii) Extension applications for family members submitted by applicants whose application has been approved;
(iii) Applications submitted to Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute before the temporary suspension of the aforementioned Administrative rules.

3. In respect of the requirements of subsection 2.iii, all pre-booked, not formally accepted applications registered on the waiting list in Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute will be considered submitted.