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離岸業務廳/Offshore Services Department

本表格只供初步申請使用, 投資者在申請階段仍需要填寫正式的申請表.
This form is only for preliminary application, investors in the application period is required to fill out the formal application form.

1. 澳門離岸公司/Name of the Macao Offshore Company

注意: 公司名稱必須包括 "澳門離岸商業服務" 或 "澳門離岸輔助服務"之字句。
Note:The expression of “Macao Commercial Offshore” or “Macao Auxiliary Offshore” must be included into the name of the company.

Can apply one to several activities according to actual business.

The above offshore activities take effect from 2005-06-14 pursuant to Chief Executive Dispatch No. 205/2005.

4. 澳門離岸公司股東資料/Macao Offshore Company Shareholders’ Information

股東一/First Shareholder

股東二/Second Shareholder

股東三/Third Shareholder

5. 澳門離岸公司董事資料/Macao Offshore Company Directors’ Information

董事一/First Director

董事二/Second Director

董事三/Third Director

6. 申請人資料/Applicant Details

註明及條款/Notes and Conditions

This application will be officially accepted after the Offshore Services Department of IPIM received the completed documents.

Documents needed to be submitted for analysis (can be referred to IPIM’s website)

  1. 投資者資料。
    Investor’s information.
  2. 澳門離岸公司股東及董事之資料。
    Information about Macao offshore company’s shareholder(s) and director(s).
  3. 澳門離岸公司股東及董事之身份證明文件。
    The identification documents of Macao offshore company’s shareholder(s) and director(s).
  4. 兩年投資計劃。
    A two-year investment plan.
  5. 投資者之銀行介紹信。
    Bankers references for the investor.
  6. 澳門離岸公司商業名稱可予登記證明(申商業及動產登記局發出)
    The Macao offshore company name reservation document (issued by Macao Commercial Registry).
    貿促局可提供協助IPIM can provide assistance.

Documents required before “Offshore Services Permit” can be issued

  1. 澳門離岸公司與澳門註冊核數師或核數公司簽署的審計合約。
    An audit contract signed between an auditor or auditing company registered in Macao SAR and the Macao offshore company.
  2. 澳門離岸公司登記及註冊文件。
    Macao offshore company’s registration documents.
  3. 澳門離岸公司之設立費。
    Set-up fee for Macao offshore company.

重要聲明/Important Notices

IPIM may request any additional information that it deems necessary for assessing the application from the applicants or other public bodies, namely in terms of the suitability and technical capacity of the applicants.

IPIM reserves the legal right to take action against the relevant parties if information obtained herein is found to be false and inaccurate.

All information supplied is totally confidential and will not be divulged to any third party without either your permission in writing or under the terms of a court order.

Note1:Please contact our Offshore Services Department if more shareholders or directors information has to be filled in.

Note2:Pursuant to approval on proposal No.0643/DSO/2005, this application form takes effect from 2005-06-14.