Part 1 – Information of applicant / family dependent(s) (please refer to 5.2.1 to 5.2.3 in the Guidelines)

Part 2 – Grounds for application (new, renewal and family extension application)

(1) (Original) Property registration certificate issued within three months;

(2) (Original) Certificate of deposit issued within one month by a financial institution in Macao SAR proving the applicant’s continuous possession of a fixed deposit amounting to no less than MOP 500,000 with no encumbrance at all. The certificate must clearly state that the deposit has never been withdrawn since the account was set up (people filing applications according to Administrative Regulation no.3/2005 are required to submit this document).

Additional documents (if applicable):

(3) In the event pertinent sales agreement has not been signed (e.g. off-plan property), (original) proprietorship document(s) issued by the property developer(s) and (original) letter of guarantee issued by bank(s) with validity of no less than six months are required; in the event sales agreement(s) has/have been signed but not submitted to IPIM, a certified copy of the sales agreement(s) should be submitted;

(4) (Original) Business registration certificate issued within the past three if the applicant is owner of Macao enterprise(s) or holder of no less than 51% share of a Macao enterprise;

(5) In the event any encumbrances (e.g. mortgage) are created on the real estate concerned, relevant repayment records (original copy) issued by the creditor (bank) are required (the records must clearly state the loan balance).