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If the system shows no information of your application, please read the letter sent to you earlier on or check again the expiry date of your Macao Non-Permanent Resident Identity Card, then follow the requirements of item 5 of the notes below to appoint a time for renewal of the Macao residency.

Applicant may enquire about the progress of their application on IPIM’s website, 4 stages will be shown in sequence as follows:

Identification verification in progress

Information of your application is being analysed

Final assessment is in progress

Your application result is available

Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3
Stage 4
  • Stage 1: Identification verification in progress (identification information of the applicant is being verified, awaiting the government of issuing countries/region to reply to IPIM. The duration of verification depends on the response made by the countries/regions concerned and may vary from six months to one year).
  • Stage 2: Information of your application is being analysed (IPIM is assessing the applicant’s documents. Or in the circumstances that there is a lack of reference information in the assessment process, IPIM may need to ask the applicant to submit further relevant documents. The calculation of the assessment period will be suspended from the date that the request for further information is made until the date that such information is submitted and while awaiting other government department’s opinions. As the situation of every application may differ, the applicant should understand that the order of application submission may not necessarily represent the sequence of the assessment process).
  • Stage 3: Final assessment is in progress, you will be notified of the final decision once it is available.(Assessment of the application file is basically completed, currently awaiting final decision. Applicant will be notified once the application result is available).
  • Stage 4: The result of your application has been issued, please check your post. IPIM will send out the notification by registered mail. As postal delivery takes time, applicant may be able to receive the letter in a week or so. If you are the applicant for temporary residency renewal and have chosen to collect your notification in person from the Centro de Serviços da RAEM in Areia Preta, you should collect the notification within 30 days after you have received the notification SMS. However, if we are unable to notify you by SMS due to the provision of an inaccurate Macao mobile number, or if you fail to collect the notification within the 30-day period, the letter will be sent by post to the correspondence address provided in your application .


  • “Online enquiries on applications” are suitable for initial applications, renewal and extension to family members, submitted on or after 1 January 2007.
  • Only the applicant, and his/her family members or his/her proxy are entitled to the online enquiry on the applications.
  • Full record of the applicant’s identification will not be shown for privacy purposes.
  • According to the relevant laws, we will put on hold the time for approval, whilst waiting for the comments of other government departments on the application, or whilst waiting for the applicant to submit any outstanding documents.
  • To facilitate an orderly renewal of the applications, please pre-arrange with us the date for the renewal no later than 180 days before the expiry of the temporary residency.
  • If 180 days has lapsed after the expiry of your temporary residency and you have not approached us to complete the procedures for the renewal of the temporary residency, then “that residency will be deemed invalid and the cumulated time of residence required to be eligible for the permanent residency will be discontinued.”
  • After the applicant and/or his/her family members have obtained the temporary residency and the Macao non-permanent Identity Card, and maintained that status for seven consecutive years, as well as abided by the relevant laws and regulations of Macao, the Macao Immigration Department will certify the actual period the temporary residency for 7 years on the relevant documents. Upon the completion of their temporary residency in Macao for seven years and before applying for the Macao Permanent Resident Identification Card at the Identification Bureau, should go to IPIM to apply for the Declaration of Confirmation to prove that their grounds for approval have remained unchanged. If applicant has not resided for “seven consecutive years” in Macao after obtaining the temporary residency, he/she may not be granted the permanent Identity Card seven years after the approval of the temporary residency.
  • If the applicant has maintained the temporary residency for 7 consecutive years (including the situation when an extension to the applicant’s family members is being requested, it was foreseeable that the main applicant would soon complete 7 years of residency in Macao), then the application to extend the residency to his/her family members shall not be made through our Institute, while the previous application records and reasons will be kept valid until his/her family members under the scheme will complete given for 7 consecutive years of temporary residency.
  • Please read more relevant notes. And all online information is for reference only. Please refer to our update from time to time.
  • If there are any queries, please approach our Residence Application and Legal Affairs Department.
    Enquiry hotline: (853) 2871-2055
    Fax number: (853) 2871-3950
  • If you are an applicant for temporary residency at this Institute (IPIM), please indicate in your email/letter to the Residence Application and Legal Affairs Department of IPIM, the reference number and contact details for our follow-up and feedback.