Economic Data of Henan Province in 2018

Area 167,000 sq. km
Population 109.06Million
Main City Name Zhengzhou、Xinxiang、Luoyang、Anyang、Jiaozuo、Xuchang、Pingdingshan、Luohe、Kaifeng、Puyang、Hebi、Nanyang、Sanmenxia、Zhumadian、Shangqiu、Xinyang、Zhoukou
GDP RMB 4,805.586 Billion
Main Industry Metallurgy, Construction materials, Chemical, Machinery product , Textiles and Energy.
FDI  USD 17.902 Billion
Main Export Commodities Mechanical and electrical products, High-tech product, Mobile, Hair products, Agricultural products, Textile materials and Aluminum product
Main Import Commodities Mechanical and electrical products, High-tech product, Electronic parts and competes, Minerals, Agricultural and Integrated circuit, Television, Radio and radio equipment, Telephones, Agricultural products and Iron ore
Export Amount of Goods RMB 357.899 Billion
Import Amount of Goods RMB 193.373 Billion
Number of Visitors Entering into the Country:321.73Million
National Visitors:785.82 Million


Economic Data with Macao

In 2018, the Export between Henan and Macao was $ 21.55Million. (+98.3%%).

By the end of 2018, there were143 Macao companies invest in Henan. Actual Use of Foreign Capital valued $ 710.00 million. The field of investment was mainly concerned with manufacturing and catering industry

Economic Data with Portuguese speaking countries

In 2018, the total Export-Import Volume between Henan and Portuguese speaking countries was $ 1.688 billion(18.5%)

By the end of 2018,Henan province has invested a total of  $2.35 million in Angola,$12.38 million in Brazil and $299.85 million in Mozambique


Economic Data of Zhengzhou city in 2018

Population 10.136Million
GDP RMB 1014.33 Billion
Real GDP Growth 8.1%
GDP Composition
Primary industry RMB 14.71 Billion
Secondary industry RMB 445.07 Billion
Tertiary industry RMB 554.55 Billion
Retail Sales RMB 426.81 Billion
Export RMB 257.71 Billion
Import RMB 152.78 Billion
Utilized Foreign Direct Investment USD4.21Billion


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