Economic Data of Shaanxi Province in 2018

Area 205,600
Population 38.644 million
Main City Name Xi’an、Tongchuan、 Baoji、 Xianyang、 Huainan、 Yanan、 Hanzhong、 Yulin、 Ankang、 Shangluo
GDP RMB 2,443.832 Billion
Main Industry Chemical, Automobile, Electronic information, Aviation, New material and Pharmaceutical
FDI USD 6.448 billion
Main Export Commodities Steel, LCD panel, Hand held or vehicular radiotelephone and Automatic data processing equipment.
Main Import Commodities Coal, Crude, Iron Ore and Concentrate


Export Amount of Goods RMB 207.868billion
Import Amount of Goods RMB 143.510 billion
Number of Visitors Entering into the Country:4.37 Million
National Visitors:626 Million


Economic Data with Macao

The trade between Shaanxi and Macao is dominated by export in Shaanxi. In 2018, the total Export-Import Volume between Shaanxi and Macao was 12.30 million (-36.58%). In 2018,only 3 Macao company invest in Shaanxi, and the Contractual FDI valued $ 23.51 million, while Actual Use of Foreign Capital valued $ 0.09 million.

Economic Data with Portuguese speaking countries(2018)

Nation 2018 total Export-ImportRMB million Year on year


Brazil 2566.00 -15.88
Portugal 46.99 61.72
Angola 90.60 -51.96
Timor-Lest e 18.24 6.14
Cape Verde 2.66
Sao Tome and Principe 0.50


Economic Data of Xi’an city in 2018

Population 10.0037 Million
GDP RMB  834.986 Billion
Real GDP Growth 8.2%
GDP Composition
Primary industry RMB 25.882Billion
Secondary industry RMB 292.561 Billion
Tertiary industry RMB 516.543 Billion
Retail Sales RMB 465.872 Billion
Export RMB 195.749 Billion
Import RMB 134.638 Billion
Utilized Foreign Direct Investment USD 6.354 Billion


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