The recently opened Fung Shing Restaurant serves Shunde cuisine

In September 2018, Lake Chong Fa Restaurant Co. Ltd. opened Fung Shing Restaurant with the aim of providing high quality Shunde cuisine to Macao residents and tourists. Prior to Fung Shing Restaurant, the company had already opened restaurants serving northeastern Chinese cuisine for a couple of years.

Iris U, Managing Director of Lake Chong Fa Restaurant Co., said: “We have restaurants presenting northern Chinese cuisine for travellers from northern China. It’s time for us to bring the authentic tastes of southern China to Macao.”

“We have hired chefs and waiters from Shunde to present dishes with the original flavours of the region,” she added.

Not only is Fung Shing Restaurant dedicated to presenting authentic dishes, it is also committed to serving quality food to residents and travellers. “Our company is very demanding with regard to the preparation of our dishes,” Ms U said. “Customers are able to see our cooks at work through our glass show kitchen. We also implement strict regulations with regard to food additives. Food additives are forbidden and cannot be added into our dishes. We provide healthy, high quality and reasonably priced food for local residents and tourists.”

IPIM’s “One-Stop Service” is not new to Ms U. She learned about it three years ago when she started the Cheong Chon Food Processing Factory. She considers this service capable of providing many supports to entrepreneurs, as it helped her open the factory smoothly and successfully. Therefore, when her company decided to expand with a brand-new restaurant, Ms U decided, without question, to use this service once again.

Even though it was not the first time Ms U opened a business and she was familiar with the procedures required, she found that the “One-stop Service” was still very beneficial to have for the restaurant opening.

“Once we submitted all of the required documents to IPIM, we were soon given the licence for the restaurant to open. It is easier for IPIM to communicate with other government departments on our behalf, and whenever any documents are needed, IPIM is meticulously careful with the details. They only accept reliable, trustworthy and accurate information, which also gives us confidence in the application.”


“Once we submitted all of the required documents to IPIM, we were soon given the licence for the restaurant to open.” Iris U, Managing Director of Lake Chong Fa Restaurant Co. Ltd.