With environmental issues increasingly at the forefront of the minds of the younger generation, new green businesses are sprouting in Macao. In January 2019, Macau Lian Da Environment Protection Technology Co. Ltd. unveiled a new way to clean cars that would respect the environment with more mindful products, providing more options to Macao’s drivers while contributing to environmental protection.

Grace Leong, Marketing Manager for Macau Lian Da Environment Protection Technology, says car washing normally consumes large volumes of water and electricity, and creates a lot of sewage. After starting the eco-friendly car washing business two years ago, the company recognised the benefits of the new technology and decided to open a factory to manufacture eco-friendly car wash products and take good control of the quality of their output.

“The main purpose of our products is to break down and separate dirt. First, we apply the caring cream on the car, and gently even the product out with our patented tool and sponge, allowing the cream to break down the dirt and remove it from the car,” said Ms Leong. “After cleaning, we spray our shine solution and wipe the car with micro-fibre cloth to give it some shine. Finally, we apply a protective coat so that the car will be resistant to pollution, water spots, corrosion, static electricity and ultraviolet rays and is easy to clean.”

Ms Leong said introducing the technology from overseas, buying the products and setting up a car wash company were not difficult. The real challenge was opening a factory. IPIM’s “One-Stop Service” made the process much more simplified and more convenient. “Registering this factory involved various government departments such as the Macao Economic Bureau; Land, Public Works and Transport Bureau; Fire Services Bureau; Labour Affairs Bureau and Health Bureau. Coordination among the departments was also needed to approve the renovation plans for the factory. With the help of IPIM, we went through the processes very smoothly.”

Not only has Lian Da Environment Protection Technology introduced innovative technologies and products for car washing, the company is also proactively advocating environmental protection.

“We operate our factory strictly according to environmental requirements and zero emission standards. Our products meet all of the eco-friendly standards and do not produce any sewage waste,” Ms Leong emphasised. “The more natural resources we use, the faster they run out. We hope to be able to contribute to improving the environment.”

Fotografia“Registering this factory involved various government departments. With the help of IPIM, we went through the processes very smoothly.” Grace Leong, Marketing Manager for Macau Lian Da Environment Protection Technology